To Tea or To Coffee – That is the Question

mugelliAnElephantCant avoid it
The debate is under way
It started with an invite
To a cup of delight
So now AnElephant has his say

He very much enjoyed a recent blog
About a coffee house that caused consternation
But back over the sea
It is afternoon tea
Which is the foundation of our civilisation

So let us consider the Great British Tearoom
Where a lady takes cream on her scone
She may linger for hours
Among freshly cut flowers
And be treated like a queen on a throne

If she happens to pop in of a morning
She may choose a pancake* with strawberry jam
If she dallies for lunch
She may opt to munch
On a crust-free sandwich with thinly sliced ham

Another possibility is of course cucumber
Unless she is peckish then roast beef is best
Perhaps grated cheese
With toe-may-toe if you please
And a delicate sprinkling of cress

But if she is watching her waistline
She may just nibble elegantly on toast
She will eschew a doughnut
Merely refill her teapot
And eat a plain biscuit well two at the most

Please note that what we call a biscuit
Is a cookie in the US of A
A caramel wafer
May not be safer
But it is tastier than an Abernethy

AnElephantCant say which is better
His ideals are high-flown even lofty
When he sips camomile
He smiles a calm smile
But he knows you guys just love to slurp coffee

*It should be noted that in the UK a pancake is a dainty creature, perhaps 1/10th of the size of its US counterpart.

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17 Responses to To Tea or To Coffee – That is the Question

  1. acflory says:

    Pancake or pikelet? Devonshire tea? Mmmm…don’t tempt me.


  2. nightlake says:

    vote for tea here..and thank you, Mr Elephant, for visiting my blog today:)


  3. I adore your work! I feel I have opened the room in a very skewed fun house, and the friend I;ve been looking for all along is there at last! I have a twisted outlook, too, Pac Man…I invite you by for a limerick and scone, when you’re properly prepared and dressed to the nines–or at the very least the eights–for veddy high tea…:) Aahh–ooOOOga!! Model T good!


  4. boomiebol says:

    Tea all the way 🙂 with digestive biscuits, rich tea or malted milk…yum 🙂


  5. petit4chocolatier says:

    Loving the coffee 🙂


  6. pennycoho says:

    Each has it’s place in the whole scheme of things. I think sometimes coffee is the beverage of choice and other times tea suits the circumstances and occasion better. Apart from that it’s such an individual choice for each of us. Love the verses as always! 🙂 xx


  7. <—– definately coffee! I like tea in the evenings sometimes when it's very cold…. but I'm a coffee person. Here in the pacific northwest…. there's coffee on every corner on every intersection of the city. We'll never run out here LOL


  8. Ben Trube says:

    Oh my, don’t even know how to respond except awesome! 🙂


  9. Alastair says:

    Got to be coffee for me. Always. Don’t like tea .. haven’t done for years.
    Now pancakes (our ones) are just too nice 🙂


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