Cat’s in the Cradle, Elephant’s in the Room

3 catsCopyright Carolina Sartor

AnElephantCant hide his ambivalence
Towards cats he has to confess
He admires their poise
They don’t make much noise
But they are not very biddable pets

Like the one in the story by Kipling
Each cat likes to walk by himself
If you have a fish in a bowl
Or a bird on a pole
You better keep them on a very high shelf

AnElephant loves feline cartoon shows
Sylvester Snagglepuss and Top Cat
Tom but not Jerry
That is no mystery
And he loves the dude in the book In A Hat

There is a fictional Puss who wears Boots
One who Went to Sea in a Beautiful Pea Green Boat
Hey Diddle Diddle
The Cat had a Fiddle
And of course one On a Tin Roof that is Hot

Some of their big cousins can be quite ferocious
A lioness is best avoided in a fight
Cheetah and Cougar
Leopard and Jaguar
And Tiger Tiger Burning Bright

They all have a beautiful elegance
Ginger or Tabby or a Moggie* in a sale
Persian or Japanese
Maine Coon or Siamese
And the poor Manx puss who ain’t got no tail

AnElephant suffers badly from allergies
He can break out in snuffles and sneezes
But his smile is quite wide
Because on the bright side
Cats too hate those meeces to pieces

*Moggie – In the UK an affectionate name for a cat of indeterminate background

All artwork on today’s blog is copyright of Vancouver-based artist, Carolina Sartor,
and shown with her kind permission.
Her generosity is gratefully acknowledged.
Thank you, Carolina.
2 cats

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13 Responses to Cat’s in the Cradle, Elephant’s in the Room

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  2. This one was enjoyed for surrre!


  3. A wonderful poem that made me chuckle, and I love the illustrations. 🙂


  4. emmylgant says:

    Miaou dit Minet en francais
    which is meow in the UK
    Cats are not easy to translate
    Thinks Emmy to date
    When a Frenchman is busy
    he has other cats to whip
    which becomes you see
    other fish to fry in Sea


  5. pennycoho says:

    Needless to say, owning a pair of rather large felines myself, that I love this tribute to the cat species, and while my animals may not appreciate your words I enjoyed them very much. Fun and funny and true also!


  6. RL King says:

    I loved this… Made me laugh.
    Wanted to stop by and say hi.
    You make me laugh and never cry.
    Glad you enjoyed my land…
    A beaut she is ice, mountain, sand.
    Hope you are well, young Scottish lad…
    Your clever rhymes make my heart so glad.
    ~the Lady of the Valley, Rhondda


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