AnElephant Ganders at Gooses

goosesAnElephantCant claim to be an expert
On these strange little dudes he calls gooses
That is just his caprice
Some folk name them geese
You’ll surely deduce that some words he abuses

In 1697 Charles Perrault
Wrote in French the Tales of Mother Goose
Yep the first Nursery Rhymes
Way back in those Ancient Times
Fortunately in English they’ve since been reproduced

If you wander a literary byway
Take care lest a goose bumps into you
6 may be a-laying
Someone may be a-slaying
The goose who lays Golden Eggs oh what a to do
gooses 3But when he goes strolling down by the big river
AnElephant likes to give a wee toot on his trunk
To his great delight
The gooses rush to his side
And greet him with a hoot and a honk

It isn’t that they are so affable
It’s just that they want something to eat
So they have a quick gander
As he starts to meander
He has to be careful where he puts his big feet

If he has a wild chase around where the goose steps
His goose is cooked if he’s careless with his shoeses
AnElephant won’t say boo
But they really can pooh
That’s why in Scotland we don’t let gooses in oor hooses
gooses 2

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19 Responses to AnElephant Ganders at Gooses

  1. pennycoho says:

    I guess most spotted anelephantcant hiding under the table, but that’s also my favorite photo because of the conversation going on between the geese! Good One!


  2. emmylgant says:

    AnElephantCant hide from Emmy.
    A wee picture under the table
    Could well baffle
    Gooses from Canada
    But not me.
    It’s good to beware of caca d’oie
    It’s a color you could see
    All over your shoeses.
    Trop amusant,
    Cet Elephant!


  3. Pac-Pac..Goose! Adorable, Pac Man. 🙂


  4. Christina ~ says:

    Lol careless with your shoeses…definitely my modern day Dr. Suess! 😀


  5. That was fun but I find that gooses can be quite agressive. Love all your goosey terms! 🙂


  6. nightlake says:

    An elephant could watch his leg
    for he is so big
    and might step on a goose
    They won’t listen to any excuse
    Goose is but is but a tiny creature
    of the great mother nature


  7. Heheehehehe! We have tons of geese here too and you really gotta watch where you step! I bet you can honk louder than any goose out there with your big trunk! 😉


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