Halcyon Days Zeusian Ways

kingfisherAnElephantCant steal too many ideas
From Greek legends from ancient times
They are kinda ethereal
But he needs the material
To make up for his abominable rhymes

Now this one he thinks is a true story
Though it may be a bit apocryphal
This particular deity
Is lacking in gaiety
So perhaps it is all really possible

Old Zeus gets quite cheesed off with Halcyon
And her hubby so he drowns him at sea
She is upset
As upset as you get
You will find it hard to disagree

She drowns herself in the ocean
But fortunately she has a well wisher
Who feels it’s a shame
And she is not to blame
So turns Halcyon into a Kingfisher

But the poor gal now has another problem
She has nowhere to protect her eggs
The seas are too rough
So it is quite tough
To find a safe place to build a wee nest

It is lucky that she’s in a legend
Because this part will leave you amazed
Her Daddy’s the Wind God
Aren’t Greek Myths quite odd
He stops the gales for those Halcyon days

AnElephant always likes a happy ending
It leaves him feeling cosy and warm
It is left up to you
To decide if it’s true
Or just the calm before the storm

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15 Responses to Halcyon Days Zeusian Ways

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  2. Well, that was fun! I enjoyed your retelling. Bet you could make a fortune publishing a book of the myths and legends in your own inimitable style! 🙂


  3. emmylgant says:

    The story is true thinks Emmy
    Someone loved somebody
    So much, love couldn’t die,
    Away couldn’t fly.
    The story is a reminder,
    That, love is the world’s axis…
    We need metamorphosis.
    If we forget kingfisher,
    We forsake our dreamer…
    And the storm can wait.


  4. Alastair says:

    I have always loved Greek and Norse mythology. However, I don’t know all stories, even though I wish I did. I have heard of Halcyon, but nothing more than that. This is a great story though


  5. pennycoho says:

    I guess it’s always a good thing to have friends in high places or another way of looking at this is its probably not a good idea to tick off people in the same high places! Yours is a great retelling, I think a story in and of itself (your version)! People today could once again enjoy much of what is being missed out on – from yesteryear! Thanks a great read. 🙂


  6. Good one! I like that a lot 🙂


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