AnElephant and Willie Nelson and The Doors*

cobblersAnElephantCant ever stop wondering
Why we have so many songs about roads
Goodbye Yellow Brick
Kicks on Route 66
On it again against all the odds

Is it because a Road may lead you somewhere
It can also bring you back again
It may be wide
Or just a side
But it is always bigger than a Lane

In the city there is usually traffic
Exhausts and horns disturb the peace
High office blocks
Rows of fine shops
And all linked together by Streets

AnElephant as you know hails from Europe
Where there is many a tree-lined Boulevard
He has to tell you
It’s only an Avenue
But he thinks Boulevard is a much cooler word

Architecturally it can be shaped like a Crescent
In Scotland it’s a Gate or a Market
Sometimes called a Drive
It may be pedestrianised
That means you can’t take your car you must park it

In a poem it may be less travelled
Which does not matter as they all lead to Rome
Now AnElephant suggests
That the one he loves best
Is the highway that some day takes him home

*On the Road Again


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15 Responses to AnElephant and Willie Nelson and The Doors*

  1. Good Helper Woman says:

    Roads and songs and laughs and tears.
    All the best life has brought so far!


  2. emmylgant says:

    Coming to this post
    Emmy got lost
    On a road less traveled
    She took the wrong fork
    And off she ambled…
    All roads lead to roam.


  3. A new road or aged street
    that is where you may meet
    another newly found friend
    indeed even journeys end
    but to be sure, boy oh boy
    your heart shall fill with joy

    Don’t you ever feel regret
    nor allow yourself to forget
    but remember once more
    those perhaps gone before
    and may not clearly be seen
    who come sometimes in dream

    It may reside deep in your pocket
    or hidden enclosed in an old locket
    inside your head’s jumbled mixture
    the treasured well thumbed picture
    with you always those images worn
    they won’t allow you to feel forlorn

    let your eyes see journeys delight
    tread your step so wonderfully light
    while walking the paths untravelled
    leaves the mixed minds unravelled
    the cares that appear so displaced
    slot where they belong or into place

    When you reach the road home
    to the land where you were born
    tired yes, happy yes, not forlorn
    but inspired so full of joy reborn
    you will find your mums dear mite
    became ever more keen to write

    Your artisan memories and joys
    binds you to the Glasgow Boys
    creativity is in your rivers of blood
    open not shrouded within a hood
    your heart won’t let you wander alone
    you will arrive to a welcome back home

    by LBB


    I liked this blog immensely thank you for sharing and inspiring. Keep travelling g light and bright.


  4. pennycoho says:

    I really enjoyed this one. All the various kids of roads, just too fun and, as always – clever, my dear friend! 🙂


  5. I like like like this. I hope you find your way home, wherever that may be. 🙂


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