Love, Laughs and Lepidoptera

Created by AnElephant's friend Emma, aged 11. Possibly the prettiest girl in the USA.

Created by AnElephant’s friend Emma, aged 11. Possibly the prettiest girl in the USA.

AnElephantCant stop admiring nature’s wonders
Beautiful creations bring a smile to his eyes
Like penguins and roses
And Elephants’ noses
But most of all he just loves butterflies

You see a multi-limbed furry caterpillar
Ambling around munching on leaves
Kinda creepy and hairy
But totally unwary
AnElephant wonders what this wee dude believes

He wraps himself in a silken cocoon
And has a snooze but does he know the reason
AnElephant is amazed
That is where he stays
Until he metamorphoses to pop out the next season

AnElephant thinks of The Ugly Duckling
Who grows into a glorious swan
Does the caterpillar imagine
How he’ll be emerging
Can he understand he is being reborn

Astonishingly this ephemeral creature
Can have a world-wide effect on some things
Some scientific doomsayers
Suggest he can cause chaos
Just by flapping his gossamer wings

The most exquisite of all the world’s creatures
There is nothing quite like the butterfly
Delicate and colourful
Magically wonderful
It is pure joy to see one flutter by

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16 Responses to Love, Laughs and Lepidoptera

  1. Lepidoptera – My uncle had this I think it was. He had an operation and takes his meds and is doing much better now.


  2. Lady Lovely says:

    Absolutely love this! Beautiful poem and very cute picture. I smiled reading the whole thing 🙂


  3. Willow says:

    A beautiful poem. AnElephant is very talented. Sadly, I am not, but,I do love reading your words. A lovely drawing by Emma.


  4. Alastair says:

    What a wonderful picture and a poem that does it justice. AnElephant has created another masterpiece


  5. emmylgant says:

    Butterflies are wonders
    For all kinds of flowers
    They bring out dreams
    Not that extreme
    Of sunshine and daisies
    All sans soucis


  6. Hehehehe Penny! Brian…. this is very adorable…. I love butterflies and elephants, and to have them both in one poem is great! Thanks for sharing my friend 😉


  7. pennycoho says:

    This is Emma! Thank you for saying I’m the prettiest girl in the U.S.A. and you are the awesomist friend in Scotland! >^..^< ,<3


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