AnElephant, a Jacket and a Penny

Lucky jacket, lucky scarf, lucky penny

Lucky jacket, lucky scarf, lucky penny

AnElephantCant deny he has great fun
Travelling around the US of A
So what do you suppose
Folk are desperate to know
Do you think they expect cabaret

No he gets asked for the story of his jacket
Is he a rocker or a biker in a gang
He is a bit of a joker
Says he won it at poker
He is asked what he held in his hand

Ok he does understand the real question
Ace high three sixes maybe a straight
But be on your guard
If you look at his cards
AnElephant has got to be paid

He has a lucky scarf that he bought in Vancouver
He has lucky laces in his lucky shoes
He thinks hard and then he
Rubs his lucky Penny
There is no way that AnElephant can lose

He don’t want a four-leaf clover
Rabbit’s foot on a string*
He is no fool
He is never cruel
To a bunny that is his favourite thing

But all of this is just an illusion
A silly rhyme that AnElephant just penned
The truth is quite simple
Someone with a dimple
Gave him a present because he was a friend

*Thank you, Mr Presley

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6 Responses to AnElephant, a Jacket and a Penny

  1. emmylgant says:

    AnElephantCant deny
    He’s a lucky fellow
    He has a handsome jacket!
    Does it have a big enough pocket
    Emmy wants to know,
    For his lucky penny,
    A seashell, a pebble,
    A dream or two may be,
    A wee bit of trouble,
    And of course a feather
    To make a boy wonder.


  2. utesmile says:

    Three lucky things, what more can you want……. nothing can go wrong now! 🙂


  3. ahhhh what a handsome fellow you are! jacket is pretty awesome… and so are good friends 😉


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