Mysteries and Miseries

Life in the Shadows

Life in the Shadows

The boys circle the pretty girls
It is always nature’s way
He observes them preening awkwardly
Preparing what to say

He sees again his friend in bed
He thought he’d recognise him
The illness causes drastic change
His youthfulness surprising

The elephant moves close to the fence
And with its trunk finesses
His face and hand are gently stroked
By the softest of caresses

The youngster throws a tantrum
Marches angrily ahead
The father reacts badly
You are going straight to bed

He grimaces his ribs still sore
From being assaulted by the mailman
The boys move on selected prey
Before their nerves can fail them

The dance of life must never change
It goes on for good reason
He drifts towards his shadowed lair
Before anybody sees him

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4 Responses to Mysteries and Miseries

  1. Mridubala says:

    Wish you read my latest post 🙂


  2. Mridubala says:

    Yes, it’s dance of life, great piece of poem


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