So Calmly Aplombly Snoqualmie

The Snoqualmie Pass

The Snoqualmie Pass

AnElephantCant take his car
He doesn’t need to get there so fast
It is almost no go
Heavy winds and snow
Through the Cascades’ Snoqualmie Pass

So he hops on a Greyhound in Ellensburg
AnElephant on a dog might seem funny
He isn’t a snob
This is just the job
It makes a more comfortable journey

He reads Iain Banks on his Kindle
And ponders the slush-spraying road
He’s glad he’s not crazy
Hears She’s a Lady
By John Sebastian on his iPod

He arrives safe and sound in Seattle
Relaxed and rested from his wee snooze
So what will he do
If only you knew
Come back tomorrow and he’ll give you the news

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8 Responses to So Calmly Aplombly Snoqualmie

  1. Glad you arrived safely! I’ll be back to see what you’ve been up to! 🙂


  2. lilyboat says:

    your recent posts remind me of my life in the north west.. It was a period of my life full of happy memories. It is truly a special place.. I wish you a safe journey. It looks quite snowy!


  3. emmylgant says:

    AnElephant on a hound
    Is better than snow bound
    In a not so calmy
    Snoqualmie Pass
    Thinks Emmy stuck in snow
    Up to her a…


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