Quote du Jour

AnElephantCant Do a Poo on the Loo

AnElephantCant Do a Poo on the Loo

A joke is the most powerful thing there is, the most terrible: it is irresistible. . . . Great pity for people who believe in the seriousness of life.
–Gustave Flaubert

AnElephantCant really deny it
This quote is right on the money
He is a bit of a dunce
Tries to be serious once
And finds out it just isn’t funny

So tomorrow he gets back to normal
And writes something a little bit dafter
His rhymes are baroque
Now there’s a bad joke
He does anything on the off-chance of laughter

He does not usually get involved in the Classics
Especially 19th Century French Literature
So he says Merci
To Monsieur Gussie
And remembers that’s what he put up a picture for

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12 Responses to Quote du Jour

  1. emmylgant says:

    Gustave se réjouirait de ta pleasanterie.
    Emmy laughs; so would Bovary.


  2. Alastair says:

    Glad you made it home safe and well. Hope the airlines didn’t lose your stuff.


  3. Lady Lovely says:

    Wise and Witty
    Clever and cute
    Here are some peanuts
    For his chute!


  4. Glad you got home safely Brian. Once again you’ve made me smile with your sharings. Thank you for all you give to all of us. hugggggs 😉


  5. pennycoho says:

    An elephantcant is an amazing phenomenon. Wise and witty, clever and cute, and all things that make up the in-between. Remarkable in and of itself. I look forward to his next offerings, with great relish! 🙂 xx


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