Oh me, oh my, I hope the little lady comes by*

Lampposts in San Francisco and Spokane

Lampposts in San Francisco and Spokane

AnElephantCant always be sensible
Sometimes he tries to be entertaining
Knock him down with a feather
Just ignore the weather
Since he gets home it is always raining

But he goes out for a stroll regardless
Down by the river that he loves the most
He sees a wee dog
As he peers through the fog
Standing at the foot of a lamp post

AnElephant thinks lamp posts are wonderful
They illuminate his favourite park
Like some people you know
They give off a glow
And brighten your life no matter how dark

Sometimes they are purely functional
But often they are made decorative
Where they softly shine
AnElephant’s mind
Can become quietly contemplative

He remembers when he was a mere stripling
Arm in arm with a pretty young miss
AnElephant might
In the gentle lamp light
Pause briefly and ask for a kiss

Now they come in all shapes and sizes
And they are also known as street lights
But in AnElephant’s heart
They compare to great art
Because they remind him of those past delights

But they can also behave mysteriously
AnElephantCant quite understand why
As he meanders along
Perhaps tooting a song
Do they go out when he passes by?

*From the George Formby song ‘Leaning on a Lamppost‘ which is well-known to almost everyone in the UK and probably completely unknown to all in the USA and everywhere else in the universe.
Those of you with a high pain threshold can hear the song here

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18 Responses to Oh me, oh my, I hope the little lady comes by*

  1. Delightful. Thank you for raising a smile on yet another cold, grey day here in Cornwall! 🙂


  2. pennycoho says:

    Lovely as always, and certainly pleasing for those who read! 🙂


  3. Bumba says:

    Liked it. Thanks for the intro to George Formby. Then there were some links to Benny Hill……


  4. emmylgant says:

    Reverberes have such a nice glow
    Whether in Spokane or Glasgow
    No wonder AnElephant delights
    In memories full of soft lights


  5. Another delightful nugget with amazing rhythm and mood! how can one not be a bit happier after reading this?!


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