The Pet calling the Cattle

A duck-billed platypus and a fictitious rock 'n' roller

A duck-billed platypus and a fictitious rock ‘n’ roller

AnElephantCant live in a Pet Shop
Although it is usually a very nice place
Full of white mice and puppies
And tanks full of guppies
But AnElephant takes up far too much space

There is so much here you can buy for your doggy
A collar a toy a wee dish
If you have a cat
You can get him a hat
But you can’t grant his wish for a fish

They have all sorts of exotic foreign creatures
A chameleon a pink cockatoo
But never a giraffe
Or a hyena that laughs
For that you must go to the zoo

Now when you hang out at a Pet Shop
You are enchanted by the animation of noise
Here a coo there a caw
You might hear a hee haw
But there’s no music by those East End Boys
(Or West End Girls)

The Animals can set up a Rock Band
The drums played by an adroit octopus
Perhaps a bull with a horn
A lute-playing unicorn
And no Jagger but a duck-billed platypus

A Pet Shop can’t be confused with that old ship
Where the animals went on two by two
There is only one crab
And that is Big Rab
AnElephant likes to finish with a joke that is gnu

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17 Responses to The Pet calling the Cattle

  1. bigrab says:

    Thank you for the mention Mr Elephant!


  2. Dogs can’t blog either, but I give it my best shot. Here’s to challenging life’s limitations!


  3. pennycoho says:

    Laughing here. this is fun and of course clever, but then anelephantcan’t say he isn’t both of those things. Great rhymes, you do set the bar high for us … a good thing too! 🙂 xx


  4. Love your gnu joke! 🙂


  5. emmylgant says:

    What a fun time at the Pet shop
    Definitely worth a stop
    But Animals setting up a band
    Would be misunderstood
    Shouldn’t be gnu, but would.


  6. This was cute Brian.. it made me smile on this Sunday Morning 😉 Thanks, hugs!


  7. Alastair says:

    When I was younger, my sister and I went into a pet shop, and there was a parrot in there that used to talk. You could have a sort of conversation with it. One of the people who work there came up and started talking to us, and explaining that they had aught it to say things. Then it said something it shouldn’t have and the woman, without a break in her conversation said that it already learned some things before they got it.


    • AnElephant asks you
      Was it a Norwegian Blue?


      • Alastair says:

        I have no idea. Is that the one from the Fjords?

        Because that one is dead. That parrot I brought, not two hours ago is dead.

        I remember a political statement from Monty Python where they suddenly changed it. Cleese went in and said “This parrot I brought, not two hours ago is dead” and whoever was the shop owner said “Oh well, here’s your money back then”. Cleese apparently looked shocked and started to walk off, looked at the audience and said “That’s ten years of Thatcherism for you” Whether that is true or not is a different matter. Funny though.


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