The Long March to Spring

The magic of Spring by Carolina Sartor

The magic of Spring by Carolina Sartor

AnElephantCant tell you how excited he is
About just what this third month can bring
He casts off his thick socks
On the March Equinox
Because that is allegedly the first day of spring

On the 31st there is a big change here
We go to ridiculous from the sublime
It already happened
In the US last weekend
Our clocks go forward to Summertime
(but the living ain’t easy)

March gets its name from the bellicose Mars
Who is the Roman God of War
And another thing besides
The 15th is the Ides
When poor Julius’s back felt quite sore

March is a big month for animals
It proverbially comes in like a lion
And out like a lamb
In Scotland it’s not calm
There’s no denying our patience it is trying

The March Hare is depicted by Carroll
In his wonderful book about Alice
Although he is clearly quite dotty
He’s not really naughty
He boxes but without any real malice

This month also celebrates St Paddy’s
Also Independence Day if you live down in Texas
Et International Francophone Day
C’est tres bon one might say
Mais ce n’est pas very clear how that affects us

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23 Responses to The Long March to Spring

  1. utesmile says:

    Wonderful, and I lernt something, as for me March is only Spring begin and I am desperatly waiting for that. Lets hope we get it soon here in the UK.


  2. emmylgant says:

    It is amazing how AnElephantCan
    March through March so skillfully
    and Rhyme rhymes beautifully
    Like no one else can,
    When trying Emmy tries
    Ever so patiently
    it falls flat and dies


    • Emmy’s free form odes
      Lead many roads
      And no matter what
      They never fall flat
      AnElephant is not just being gallant
      He says she has the talent
      This style of verse
      Is hard at first
      AnElephant’s brain implodes

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  3. pennycoho says:

    Very clever, excellent! I always enjoy your ability with not only the rhyming but also your mastery of words (And your very innovative titles that can contain multiple or hidden meanings in them)! So well done! 🙂 xx


  4. colonialist says:

    I see we both, from time to time,
    Set out our posts in words that rhyme,
    Yet of the ones I have a store-ful,
    Mine tend to be most Really Awful,
    March hares I brought in all would be,
    Impious, and a hare I see,
    And also, you might wish to shun
    My tendency to make a pun.


  5. Bravo dear Brian… another good one! 😉


  6. bulldog says:

    Sorry can’t and won’t even try to put the words down in the form of a rhyme… but this is just outstanding, I stand in awe of your ability…


  7. Alastair says:

    “When poor Julius’s back felt quite sore”
    I love that, so I say “encore”
    Down here it is freezing this March
    The cold makes clothes stiff like starch
    The cars are stuck, but it’s not their fault
    The gritters didn’t go out and use the salt.

    Loved that one 🙂


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