A Bad Hare Day

March Hare by Freyja

March Hare by Freyja

AnElephantCant promise the truthfulness
Of this tale he is going to narrate
He tells of the antics
And possible romantics
Of the March Hare when he looks for a mate

Rumour has it that he goes boxing
When a pretty young thing takes his fancy
It is Hare versus Hare
Fists up in the air
They circle around prancing and dancing

So when you stroll in the country this springtime
Through a host of golden daffodils in a valley
If some chap pulls on the gloves
In the name of true love
Whate’er his fate is
He’s not The Greatest
That is Muhammad Ali

In the literary world he gets slandered
The poor chap really does get bad press
Mad as a March Hare
They say without care
He must be depressed as an unwelcome guest

In the Adventures of troublesome Alice
The Hatter is quite nutty as well
There’s a Queen who is Red
She says off with his head
And a Sea Turtle called Tortoise
He was the Turtle who taught us
They’re all bonkers as far as AnElephant can tell

Some folk who are experts say Phooey
It is Mademoiselle Hare who throws all the punches
She no-noes unwanted beaux
With sharp blows to the nose
Until she meets one she wants to have lunch with

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20 Responses to A Bad Hare Day

  1. acflory says:

    Image and words in perfect harmony. 😀


  2. pennycoho says:

    “A bad hare day”! How exceedingly clever of you! Your rhyme is great fun and whimsical! I enjoyed the reading. Thank you, Penny 🙂


  3. Thank you for more smiles! 🙂


  4. emmylgant says:

    Whimsical pugilistic fare
    About a hare
    Delivers quite a punch!
    A Mademoiselle would know
    I do have a hunch
    How to say non non
    Without a blow
    And go for brunch.


  5. That’s a mighty high price to pay for lunch! Owch! Love the poem, the rhyme, and the pachyderm who wrote it. HUGS 🙂


  6. Alastair says:

    Great piece. I’ll keep my reply short this time.

    I love the way the hare boxes
    To the amusement of the foxes


  7. Oops, sorry, AnElephantCant intentionally ‘like’ his own blog.


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