F is for Philosophy

French Fox by Phil Burns

French Fox by Phil Burns

AnElephantCant write Fiction like Fitzgerald
AnElephant is just not that Flipping clever
But F is for France
The land of romance
And F is the start of Forever

F is for Fairies and their Tales
F is for Frogs to be kissed
For pretty Females in Frocks
For our Friend Phil the Fox
And for Fog but not for Scotch Mist

F is for Fandabbydozy
A Scots word for Fantastically Fab
For Food but not drink
And Fings that make you Fink
And for sensibly Fighting the Flab

F is for Friendship – maybe online
F is for Folk Far away
F is for Feeling
For never Free-wheeling
But for the Freedom to do what you say

F is for Forgetting the bad stuff
And for the Fun you should have every day
F is for Flavour
The life we must savour
And for Falling in the best possible way

F is for the Future all scary
F is for loving and not playing the Fool
F is never for lonely
AnElefant is only
A bit Frightened but yet Fankful and cool

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14 Responses to F is for Philosophy

  1. Penny L Howe says:

    Well the poem is of course brilliant! but the comments and your responses are fenomenal as well! I really enjoyed this one, a lot! 🙂 xx


  2. Yayyy for the letter “F” and for a very special pachyderm indeed! 🙂


  3. julespaige says:

    “And Fings that make you Fink” is just fab
    Forlorn one can never be, when a friends’ fisticuffs jab
    with words well
    you can tell
    An Elephant is a friend you want to nab!

    That’s to keep – even though the road seem so far
    you know you are as close as the nearest star
    When you are smiling from ear to ear
    without pretentious fear
    An Elephant is a friend you can admire!


  4. emmylgant says:

    Emmy is so happy
    To be Anelefant French Friend
    On line. He is so Funny
    Fabuleux, Fantastique un rien
    Farfelu, Frippon, FrancoFone
    FarfadetFile, Friand de bonnes rimes
    Ce n’est pas de la Frimme
    And what could be more Fabulous
    Than anElefant neFologeous?


  5. utesmile says:

    F is for fantastic lines, F is for funny poem, F is for finking. Fank you so much for the fun. 🙂


  6. dmauldin53 says:

    Good poem. I especially like the line “And Fings that make you Fink”. 🙂


  7. Alastair says:

    I fink that AnElefant is funny
    In his poetry and his rhyme
    I fink that the Eff
    Is certainly a def
    And fandabbydozy is sublime


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