The Bike – Friday Fictioneers

AnElephantCant claim he’s a biker
They don’t even make Harleys his size
But when he sees a machine
That is built like a dream
A wee smile always lights up his eyes

So once more he has to think up a story
One hundred words to tell you a tale
Or one hundred and one
For today’s Fictioneers fun
He hopes you won’t send him to jail

Friday Fictioneers Challenge.
The idea is to write a very short story (100 words) based on a picture prompt (below).
That’s it.

Copyright - Sandra Crook

Copyright – Sandra Crook

It goes how fast?

Way over a ton, for sure!

Are you serious?

Not very often! But, yes, she is a flying machine, I’ll thrash every bike on the circuit out of sight.

But are you sure it is safe?

Oh, come on! You know I am the best there is on these things, and I am indestructible!

So how long will it take you to get it ready to race?

No time like the present. I am taking her for a spin this afternoon.


She remembers their last conversation as the curtains slowly close and he is gone forever.

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78 Responses to The Bike – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Sarah Ann says:

    I was enjoying that until I got to the last line. Well told story – it made me smile then slapped my face.


  2. vbholmes says:

    Sounds like he may have literally tried to take off on his “flying machine”. This definitely conjures up images of the early bad boys, with their ‘tudes and their bikes (Steve McQueen, who supposedly owned over 100 bikes, being the prime candidate).


  3. 40again says:

    Loved both the rhyme and the story, very cleverly written. I enjoyed reading them


  4. kz says:

    his enthusiasm was contagious… the ending broke my heart. great job 🙂


  5. neenslewy says:

    A great flash, sad ending.


  6. adinparadise says:

    What a sad ending. Those bikes can be lethal. I’m so glad my son never expressed any interest in owning one. 🙂


  7. I enjoy both your entries. Your wit is the best.


  8. petrujviljoen says:

    I wonder if it can’t be read as if he flew off deliberately with no intention of returning? Specially in the light of Sandra Crooks’ story!


    • Every story can of course be read any way the reader chooses, although the last line suggests otherwise.
      At the time of writing, AnElephant had no knowledge of Ms Crooks’ excellent story.


  9. EagleAye says:

    Great entry. It really does look like a racing machine, a vicious one.


  10. Nice job. That bike never entered my mind when writing mine. Really enjoyed yours.


  11. julespaige says:

    When ‘common sense’ becomes common – there will be fewer regrets.
    Nice write.
    Thanks for your visit. When Alastair goes first – I can come up with a good follow, even if it is a preceding piece. 🙂


  12. Joe Owens says:

    Why is it the girl is always left behind? Didn’t Amelia Earhardt leave someone waiting. I like it though, a sad love story.


  13. elappleby says:

    I got completely carried away with the dialogue so the ending took me totally by surprise – it made my whimper like a small dog!
    Tiny typo: on theses things – should be ‘these things’?


  14. Well done i love the verse a prologue 🙂


  15. …no one sadly is indestructible
    Did enjoy and also the verse.


  16. emmylgant says:

    As usual extremely well done.
    Je tire ma reverence.


  17. camgal says:

    I love your opening verse and the story actually made me teary eyed..good job 🙂


  18. Lyn says:

    Oh how sad. It rather reminded me of a 50’s movie, where the hero always has such confidence and the girl loses him when he takes one risk too many.


  19. acflory says:

    Great story and I love that bike. It looks like the skeletal remains of a Trike.


  20. jwdwrites says:

    Good story elephant, I also liked the ‘not very often’ line, and the end with the curtains closing. Very final!


  21. Reminds me of a song…
    No, she says; no Johnny, no Johnny; as he races off to his demise… Sad.. 😦
    Love the elephant: He’s one cool dude… And no, I wouldn’t send him to jail – honest..!


  22. colonialist says:

    AnElephantCant write verse daily
    For thirty straight days on the trot?
    But it would appear that he gaily
    Already the starting ones got!
    So is he found in NaPoWriMo?
    And if not, then why ever not?
    To get there then to this link do go,
    Because you are losing the plot!


  23. elmowrites says:

    I’m not sure there’s ever a good way to enremember the end, but this wouldn’t be it. I like your opening verse too!


  24. Tho I have biker friends who would rather go doing what they love…

    Would love to see an elephant on a motocycle


  25. Penny L Howe says:

    Very sad. This sometimes happens in life!


  26. zookyworld says:

    Woah — I was jolted by that last line. I smiled at the peppy dialogue (loved the “Not very often” reply), and I was surprised by the last line. I should’ve seen it coming when the person said they were indestructible!


  27. Sandra says:

    Sad reminder. My husband has two classic bikes and I worry like mad when he takes them out on the roads. Well done though.


  28. Shreyank says:

    Anelephant has made me sad ! 🙂 😉


  29. Hmmmm, “Pride goeth before the fall” comes to mind for some reason. Or maybe he just jinxed himself. I agree that the dialogue was well done.

    (He would thrash the rest out of “sight”, not “site.”) 🙂



  30. an elephant cant ride on this bike
    bacause this bike is a trike
    and it won’t be much fun
    because when he’s done
    because it’ll end up flat –


    • wait I hit post in error hahahahaha.

      An elephant can’t ride on this bike
      Because this bike is a trike
      and it won’t be much fun
      because when he’s done
      It’ll end up flat –
      and the tyke will cry, “Yike”

      (i need to take a hike with this one)


      • If you read the piece – and the poem – carefully, at no point does AnElephant say this is a bike!
        But thanks for the comment, AnElephant loves it when his guests make rhymes.


  31. Dear Elephant,
    Cute verse for openers. Have to wonder where overconfidence will take your character. Nice dialogue.


  32. nightlake says:

    over-confidence has turned fatal for him. sad. and a good take on the prompt


  33. Alastair says:

    What a brilliantly sad ending to it. There is a moral behind this story as well.


  34. Well done. I like the dialogue. There was a lot of foreboding in his words. I think anyone who says “I’m indestructible” is signing their death warrant.


  35. Yes, famous last words, now remembered regretfully forever..


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