Lazy Hazy Freezy Days of Summer

Holiday Sunshine by Phil Burns

Holiday Sunshine by Phil Burns

AnElephantCant live without sunshine
Perhaps because he is growing old
Although it is now spring
He still needs something
To keep out the interminable cold

Maybe he should pop back to San Fran
And spend some more time on the Bay
With the sun on his face
Instead of the rain in this place
He could frolic and gambol and play

Or wander again to his true love
Pour passer quelques jours on the Mediterranean
He can paddle his toes
Even dip in his nose
This is what AnElephant calls entertaining

And optionally he can revisit Greek Islands
Such as Xante or Kos even Crete
Splash around in the sea
And dance joyously
He loves water that heats up his feet

There are also some spots on the Aegean
Which is just an offshoot of the Med
On the Italian coast
He will feel just like toast
On the beach it’s as if he is home in bed

One thing that is needed in Scotland
Is a seriously wild sense of humour
This maybe sounds daft
But AnElephant needs a good laugh
To keep him warm throughout the whole wretched summer

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11 Responses to Lazy Hazy Freezy Days of Summer

  1. emmylgant says:

    Plane trees are in leafy hysteria
    Lilacs compete with wisteria
    Emmy’s taken out her sandals
    Toe ring and bangles
    The Med is warm from Narbonne to Nice
    No sense in freezin’
    When you could be chillin’
    In sunshine and peace.
    At that one could snort
    But life’s just too short
    To fade away
    In black and gray


  2. Eleenie says:

    It’s 28 degrees here in Bulgaria right now, will that do you? By the way, my mums from Scotland so I know exactly what you mean!


  3. eTilde says:

    It’s not daft to need laughs
    or to do crafts or mimic giraffes;
    we do what we must to keep warm.
    When I catch a chill
    I eat a giant hill
    of mashed peas, potatoes, and corn.
    It’s sweet and it’s yummy;
    it’s a radiator in my tummy
    that each winter distorts my form… :\


  4. Penny L Howe says:

    A wonderful post. Scotland does seem to set the bar when it comes to difficult weather. Hoping it improves for you soonest! 🙂 xo


  5. RoSy says:

    I’m up for travelling somewhere warm too. I’m tired of the winter. It’s one month into spring for crying out loud. I will gladdly accept warm laughs & warm posts – any time 🙂


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