AnElephant Socks it to ’em

AnElephant's sock collection

AnElephant’s sock collection

AnElephantCant always wear matching socks
He really is not that well organised
But he is not miffed
He gets them as a gift
And each morning they bring a smile to his eyes

It all begins on his 98th birthday
Or 99th well a long time ago
His best friend says wear these
They come up to your knees
And they keep your tootsies warm in the snow

He does not want to show random preference
He is rather easily perplexed
So one of each pair
He chooses to wear
He puts different ones on both his hind legs

As you see they show all sorts of heroes
There is Elvis better known as The King
And just for a snigger
He is partnered with Tigger
Who we all know is a wonderful thing

There is Homer in lots of strange poses
Jack gave them all names at the start
Drinking beer Standing there
Dancing wild I don’t care
And of course there is also Bad Bart

Del Boy stars in a UK TV show
And Popeye begins as an advert for spinach
Unlike cool Spiderman
He yam what he yam
AnElephant thinks this is a good time to finish

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7 Responses to AnElephant Socks it to ’em

  1. RoSy says:

    A nice & fun collection of socks! 🙂


  2. Margaret says:

    Next it will be the days of the week
    OH what a mix it will be
    Will it be this day or will it be that
    What day of the week will it be?


  3. colonialist says:

    An elderly friend gave me three sets of Homer horrors. They are SO not me, but I found them most comfortable and resolved to wear them out as soon as possible Washed and reworn one pair after the other, in constant rotation, the wretched things lasted for YEARS!


  4. Alastair says:

    I do like the array that AnElephant has shown
    Of the wonderfully differing socks
    I think they are all fun
    You could never wear just one
    Especially with your hind hocks.

    Okay, that wasn’t a good one at all. ….

    I like all of AnElephant’s socks
    He has shown lots of them to us
    Can you imagine Spinach in Spidey
    Or Homer becoming more widey
    Do you show them off when you get on the bus?


  5. Great collection my dear Brian… I especially love the Tigger one! I’d totally wear those (smiles)


  6. emmylgant says:

    Love’em socks!
    So funable
    They just rock.


  7. utesmile says:

    I love your socks collection, nice and funny. You are lucky you have socks, I can’t fin mine at the moment, my bedroom is upside down, as I get a new one….. so no socks, I can’t remember where I put them….. wished I was an elephant right now, they always remember…. 🙂


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