Ne’er Cast a Cloot ‘Til May’s Oot*

AnElephant in May Weather by Phil Burns,

AnElephant in May Weather by Phil Burns,

*Do not discard any garment until May is over (Old Scots Saying)

AnElephantCant come out to play
In the merry merry month of May
On the twenty fourth day
He has nothing to say
Until now it has been long cold and grey

On the 23rd we have hail storms
He sits huddled with a cup of green tea
He knows very soon
It will be sunny June
He hopes it comes before his proboscis can freeze

May may be named after Greek goddess Maia
That line is quite boringly repetitious
Daughter of Titanic Atlas
She is a lass with some sass
She is eldest of the star-struck Seven Sisters

The birthstone of May is the Emerald
Lily of the Valley is its flower don’t ask why
Now here is an apology
If you believe in astrology
The star signs are Taurus and Gemini

The first of the month is imaginatively called May Day
If you don’t understand it you clearly are all at sea
Mother’s Day so no scowl
Then the Day of the Towel
From The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

AnElephant says all that he can here
This month cannot be over too soon
He is in the fourth week
Of weather so bleak
He plans to bust out all over in June

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11 Responses to Ne’er Cast a Cloot ‘Til May’s Oot*

  1. emmylgant says:

    Don’t Panic
    Prends ta serviette
    Viens voir la Med
    and be a really hoopy frood.


  2. RoSy says:

    We’ve had a few nice days. But – winter keeps trying to sneak in when it doesn’t belong.


  3. willow says:

    Was just speaking about that saying to-day and how my granny used to say it. Beautiful sunny day here in Inverness at a scorching 15 degrees. Not quite a heatwave but better than the 8 degrees yesterday!!


  4. Alastair says:

    This month has not been the best
    It will soon be June, don’t you know
    I must be getting old
    As I keep feeling cold
    I keep looking out expecting to see snow


  5. utesmile says:

    We can only hope June will be better. Even here in London it is dull and grey….. and cold.


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