Ain’t Mis-Bee-Hivin’

Ain't Mis-bee-hivin' by Phil Burns

Ain’t Mis-bee-hivin’ by Phil Burns

AnElephantCant hide his admiration for beeses
They are always such busy little buzzers
They can be Honey or Bumble
Or even Nocturnal
But he can’t tell one from ze uzzers

There are Hornfaced and Diggers and Leafcutters
And some that are known as Killers
You get quite a fright
In dead of night
If you find one of them under your pillow

 They are fuzzy and electrostatic
So the pollen sticks to them with ease
Then each interloper
Packs it into the Scopa
Which is usually situated down by their knees

What AnElephant likes mostest about beeses
Is that they too have a prominent proboscis
Plus two pairs of wings
And antennae and things
AnElephant bets you’re impressed that he knows this

Now bees serve a magical function
They are the greatest of all pollinators
Whether a pollen collector
Or just gathering nectar
Bees help more flowers than a swamp alligator

Some beeses are known as Carpenters
Perhaps AnElephant is being a bit daft
When they make that sound
As they buzz around
Are they Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft

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12 Responses to Ain’t Mis-Bee-Hivin’

  1. Sarah Ann says:

    Love the rhymes in this. All power to the beeses.


    • AnElephant is very happy the sweet lady enjoys his trivia.
      And perhaps our world will be a better place when you humans adopt the social support systems of the bees?


  2. Christina ~ says:

    Yay! AnElephant brings back so very many fond memories of my first and favoritest author and maker upper of the most fabutastic words…you know who I mean… 😉 For those who don’t I shall proclaim to all of blogdom that I believe AnElephant is a modern day Dr. Seuss!!!


    • Yay back to huggababe Christina!
      AnElephantCant upmake wordlettes like her or the magicarious Dr, but he is happy to bring her some delightositaciousness!
      But AnElephant don’t think them thar poor folks down in blogdom county can read yet!


      • Christina ~ says:

        Oh yes….plenty of hugs for you always!! 😀 I have to disagree with you my fine Elephant….for you to make up the absolutely most brilliant wordlettes ever!!!

        Then I shall teach all of blogdom to read haha 😉


  3. RoSy says:

    A BEEutiful post!


  4. allergic to bees here… they’re lethal to me but I do enjoy your writing about them… lovely work as usual my friend xx


  5. Alastair says:

    AnElephant has made me laugh
    You can talk about these as much as you please
    I love the sound of their buzz
    And the look of their fuzz
    All in all they are the bee’s knees


    • AnElephantCant avoid the obvious
      This is something his friend clearly knows
      But bees have such an array of limb
      He felt it beneath him
      To mention their knees and their elbows


      • Alastair says:

        AnElephant gave me the giggles again
        I would go out on a limb this time
        And I would definitely sink so low
        As I am stupid you know
        But I just cannot think of a rhyme


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