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The Haze – Līgo Haībun Challenge

AnElephantCant miss the challenge again He was not in a good place last week But he is back once again To inflict some pain On Penny and the others who critique  AnElephant’s offering for the weekly Līgo Haībun Challenge, courtesy of … Continue reading

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Requiem for an Angel

Today there is no humour Today we breathe our fears Today brings only heartache Immersed in floods of tears One of life’s great tenets Is that we all must die Today we look at who has gone And ask the … Continue reading

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AnElephant is Indechirable

AnElephantCant be hurried He drifts on at his own leisurely pace Wanders down the Saone Till he reaches Macon Another quite wonderful place The river has a potent tranquillity The city has a life of its own He has a … Continue reading

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The Drive – Friday Fictioneers

AnElephantCant always apologise That is not really the point of this verse But this week sadly You will see that he Exceeds wildly his allotted words But he kinda likes his wee story He does not want to make it … Continue reading

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Lost in France in Love

AnElephantCant deny he’s a Francophile He loves everything about France He gives up his home To go for a roam In search of what may very well be his last chance What he seeks is still somewhat nebulous Not just … Continue reading

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Do Flies Go To Heaven?

I wonder if flies go to heaven And is it the same one as ours Clearly butterflies must To sprinkle magic dust Otherwise who pollinates all heaven’s flowers I wonder if cockroaches go to heaven Do they scurry around at … Continue reading

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If Paradise was Half as Nice

 AnElephantCant travel forever He arrives at his ultimate destination Yep he is finally there Au bord de la mer* The Med which for him holds great fascination He sees pretty ladies in French bikinis Some of which are quite frankly … Continue reading

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The Water – Alastair’s Photo Fiction

AnElephantCant deny he loves swimming The bestestest thought that splashes through his head Is to get out of his bunk And into his trunks And have a quick dip in the Med This is a weekly invitation to write a … Continue reading

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You are the Dancing Queen, Young and Sweet, Only Thirteen

AnElephantCant stay too long in Englandshire But there is always one thing he does there Just for a wee while He smiles his smiliest smile Because he visits the people he loves there He is persuaded to go for a … Continue reading

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The Sentry – Friday Fictioneers

AnElephantCant tell you how grateful he is You guys support him while he is in transit When his travels are done He will visit each one He promises this is how he plans it Yup, it is Friday Fictioneer time … Continue reading

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