And Says Goodbye to the Circus

Organised Chaos

Organised Chaos

AnElephantCant claim to be organised
The only thing he can manage is laughter
He tells you one simple fact
He is not yet packed
His home is a total disaster

His daughter describes him as random
In an almost affectionate way
He must soon be ready
It is already Wednesday
He moves out of here early on Thursday

He is not sure what word best describes him
Some folk say he’s an absolute shambles
His energy sags
He must pack his bags
Before he sets off again on his rambles

It has been said he can generate chaos
Like that butterfly stamping his foot
He does not even try it
He tries to be quiet
But mayhem seems to follow each toot

He works hard to avoid a catastrophe
By smiling and being so pleasant
Alas no one is fooled
They know he’s not cruel
But their sanity zooms down a rapid descent

His whole life is a borderline fiasco
He has little talent and almost no money
He sadly lacks any charm
Though he doesn’t do too much harm
And at least one person thinks he is funny

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7 Responses to And Says Goodbye to the Circus

  1. utesmile says:

    Safe journey!


  2. Penny L Howe says:

    I can argue a few of those points. He has tons of charm and talent both. Also very intelligent, throwing that in the mix. His daughter may be correct re: organization of items and ensuing chaos thereof! But not of great importance in the whole scheme of things. Take care of you. xo


  3. Alastair says:

    AnElephant has missed a day already
    The week hasn’t started, it’s Tuesday
    You will not be alone
    There’s always the phone
    And I look forward to seeing you on Friday


  4. Eric Alagan says:

    Happy journey – tread with care 🙂


  5. Ches says:

    Bon voyage mon ami.


  6. neenslewy says:

    You are in charge of your own adventure!


  7. acflory says:

    Ah but I’m sure Anelephantcould dance in the rain, and wouldn’t that be a joyous sight?


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