The War of the Woods

Hidden in plain sight

Hidden in plain sight

AnElephantCant hide his surprise
He is in the park on Monday
Playing a cool game of tennis
With Jack not Denis
Because this is his very bestesest fun day

He spots them through the high fence
You may remember he writes quite recently
Of an exceeding strange thing
An apparition
Which he studies quite intently

Now there are many more of them
Spreading out across the nation
Is it possible
Or even plausible
That this is the start of the Invasion

Quite a lot of them

Quite a lot of them

They suddenly appear in profusion
Sprouting up across the park
He has not viewed
So much wet wood
Since he sailed on Noah’s Ark

He wonders if they grow from seeds
And do they have roots beneath them
Should he address
Or would they simply not believe him

Do they plan to conquer Scotland
Will they recruit the other plants
They still have no chance
Even though he’s off to France
Jack’s team is enhanced with lots more Elephants

Afterthought: Do Venus and Serena have a brother called Tennisy?

Nah, don't worry about it!

Nah, don’t worry about it!

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4 Responses to The War of the Woods

  1. willow says:

    Perhaps you momentarily slipped into a parallel universe! Or just keep taking the tablets!
    I’m laughing at your afterthought. Very clever!


  2. emmylgant says:

    The SAS would just give a nod
    They know all about it
    It’s the next generation tripod
    Didn’t Wells predict it?


  3. MicheleMariePoetry says:

    It must be a type of birch, as it is so naturally white, very nice and very bright, watch out you don’t trip over it when you fly a kite!


  4. Alastair says:

    AnElephant has fun in the park
    He always has his friend’s back
    I know if he could,
    he would check out the wood
    To see that it was okay for jack

    AnElephant is also off to France
    To go south and somewhere to play
    I can say it was fun
    To finally meet the one
    And only Elephant yesterday.


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