Lost in France in Love

AnElephantCant deny he’s a Francophile
He loves everything about France
He gives up his home
To go for a roam
In search of what may very well be his last chance

What he seeks is still somewhat nebulous
Not just an escape from dire Scottish weather
He believes that chaque jour
Est toujours l’aventure*
And he wants to feel that way forever

As he drives south without an agenda
There is one thing he notes with affection
What amuses him most
Generally speaking sign posts
Are more a concept than a direction

AnElephant's Hotel,  Clock Tower or Vieux Belfroi, Buildings in the Main Square, Hotel de Ville

AnElephant’s Hotel, Clock Tower or Vieux Belfroi, Buildings in the Main Square, Hotel de Ville

His first stop is not far from Calais
In the quaintly beautiful town of Bethune
The tower in the square
Is spectaculaire
As it plays its wonderfully discordant tune

He moves on to Chalons-en-Champagne
A great place to forget all your troubles
Its architecture is neat
Compensates cold and heat
And its famous produce is full of wee bubbles

So by now AnElephant is relaxeder
He soon starts to forget all his sorrow
But if you want to know
Where else he finds beau
Please come back the day after tomorrow

*Every day is an adventure

Views of Chalons-en-Champagne

Views of Chalons-en-Champagne

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23 Responses to Lost in France in Love

  1. Sarah Ann says:

    Ah yes, French road signs – only good if you’re not in a hurry. Great update on your travels.


  2. emmylgant says:

    Qu’elles sont belles ces photos!
    Elles me rappellent d’autre villes
    Traversees, long ago.
    AnElephant knows how to travel
    And tell the tale.


  3. utesmile says:

    Loely pictures , France is really lovely, and so many beautiful places. do enjoy it!


  4. Alastair says:

    Great photos. Great rhymes


  5. Bumba says:

    Really nice, especially with the French words tossed in. Still I was hoping that the elephant would make a rhyme for relaxeder.


  6. Wanderer says:

    Well, anelephant, now you’ve done it. I’m pining more than ever to return to France AND to make a trip to Scotland. Lovely words and lovely photos, what I wouldn’t give for un sandwich jambon et beurre maintenant.


  7. Beautiful pictures and sounds to accompany your words of love! I love your phrase about French signage being ‘more a concept than a direction’ We’ve been misled a few times until we began to think in concepts! I shall enjoy following your French adventure. You’ve made me realise it’s too long since we were in France…….
    Have fun! 🙂


    • Merci, Madame, tu es toujours tres gentille.
      The ‘concept’ concept is widely understood in France where, of course, like AnElephant, they often have no idea where they are going anyway.


  8. colonialist says:

    That it is all spectaculaire
    Is true indeed, I do declare!


  9. goethalsart says:

    I love la douce France, I enjoyed your writing.By the way, I’ve been living in France and always enjoyed the English accent of people speaking French.Not too rude, I hope.:)


    • En fait, mon ami, AnElephant est Ecossais.
      This makes your comment extremely rude!
      Mais, tant pis, il est vraiment decontracte.
      So all is forgiven.
      Merci pour ton commentaire.


      • goethalsart says:

        Here I am again.I know that you are from Scotland et je sais que les Ecossais n’aiment pas that people think that everything belongs to England.That is very big mistake, made by many Belgian people.I know some Scotsmen, working in Belgium (military cemeteries first world war).Nice and friendly men.Scotland is very nice country, quand il ne pleut pas.I love the Highlands, a rich culture, amazing nature and landscapes. Je vous souhaite une bonne journée.Geniet ervan.Tot later.


  10. Sigh…living vicariously through your pictures….love them. Thanks!!


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