AnElephant Makes Music Makes You Sick

Musical Elephant By Phil Burns

Musical Elephant By Phil Burns

AnElephantCant claim to be musical
He warbles like a cat on a string
You can’t recognise the noise
That he makes with his voice
But he still likes to hear other folk sing

He is rubbish on all sorts of instruments
He hasn’t the fingers to be a guitarist
He plays the piano
Like a demented orang-utan so
You say not encore but please can you play far less

He is virtually criminal on the bag-pipes
And worse than brutal on a drum kit
Folk whimper and groan
When he attacks the trombone
And he pulpificates your ears with his trumpet

He is a big fan of twanging guitars
He remembers Clapton and Hendrix and Page
But please don’t expect him
To perform with a plectrum
Or you’ll understand why the machine has a rage

His savage breast is soothed by sweeping violins
He adores Vivaldi sways gently to Bach
When Benedetti’s bow*
Reaches its crescendo
AnElephant is so moved he may cry he may laugh

Presley Pavarotti or Streisand
There is no music that he does not like
Dusty or Dylan
Lenny Cohen for chilling
But don’t ever let AnElephant near a mic

*Nicola Benedetti – Scottish Classical Violinist

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5 Responses to AnElephant Makes Music Makes You Sick

  1. emmylgant says:

    Before Nicola’s crescendo ends
    Mahalia Jackson hits her high note,
    Or Roy his last cries emote
    AnElephant his breath suspends
    Waits for it then smiles wide
    Music is his joyride.


  2. Penny L Howe says:

    His love of music is awesome! Too true! 🙂 xo


  3. Alastair says:

    AnElephant May not play an instrument
    Some of them may sound like gunk
    But the one you can play
    I really must say
    Is the sound that comes from your trunk


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