Rhino I’ll Never Find Another You

Musical Ele by Phil Burns

Musical Ele by Phil Burns

AnElephantCant climb a mountain and yodel
That’s why he doesn’t cross the Alps with Hannibal
But even he can’t go wrong
With this delightful wee song
Which he makes with lots of hit tunes about animals

Now Elvis is AnElephant’s idol
Old Shep and Hound Dog make him bark and woof woof
He also does care
About the cute Teddy Bear
But Lions ain’t the kind he loves enou-ou-ough

All the kiddies love to sing about beasties
Starting with Mickey M-O-U-S-E
A Doggy in the window
Five little Duckies a-swim go
And AnElephant’s little cousin called Nellie

But some great songs border on surreality
Like when our Johnny says that he is a Walrus
A Horse has no name
The Elusive Butterfly chases fame
And the best of all time is a Magic Dragon called Puff

And there is even a band called The Animals
The Monkees and Beatles whom we hear perennially
Mr Stevens that’s Cat
Dislikes Bob’s Boomtown Rats
And chases the Byrds and the Partridge Family

Bill Haley has an in a while Crocodile and a see you later Alligator
Rolf Harris ties his Kangaroo down
AnElephant makes a mistake
With the Hippo Hippo Shake
And the Stones sing Hey you Giraffe my cloud

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4 Responses to Rhino I’ll Never Find Another You

  1. willow says:

    ‘And we’ll sit in the trees and eat bananas all day,
    Just like an apeman!’


  2. RoSy says:

    A fun post!
    I heart Elvis too 🙂


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