Carpe Diem – Seas the Day

Golfe de St Tropez, Calanques de Cavalaire, Baie de Cavalaire

Golfe de St Tropez, Calanques de Cavalaire, Baie de Cavalaire

AnElephantCant stop extolling The Med
She fills him with all sorts of emotions
He is out of his depth
Nevertheless takes a deep breath
And explains his love for his favourite splash of the world’s great oceans

She may well be a subset of the Atlantic
Which is reached through the narrow Straits of Gibraltar
AnElephant is less fond
Of that 3,000 mile wide pond
But La Med – there is no way he can fault her

She inspires him through all of his senses
The crash of her waves and that salt water smell
The silky touch on his skin
As he hurls himself in
And the taste – well maybe that ain’t so swell

But it is the majesty of her movement that thrills him
And he has some fairly astonishing news
His world is usually duller
Because he can’t visualise colour
But he somehow discerns all of her beautiful blues

He has met her as far east as Cyprus
As westerly as the Costas of Spain
Dived off the islands of Greece
The beach at Cassis and Nice
And delighted in the bliss of the Aegean

So how can AnElephant be in love with big water
A vast puddle with no arms and no feet
If you don’t understand
It is time to leave your homeland
Visit her and give your body and soul a real treat

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4 Responses to Carpe Diem – Seas the Day

  1. emmylgant says:

    Je les lis tous tes poemes, mais parfois ce que je veux dire s’echappe et se perd..
    Te voir heureux c’est magnifique.


  2. willow says:

    Sounds very idyllic. (Like your play on the latin!)


  3. Gosh, you go to some of the most amazing places on this planet! Love to read about your adventures my friend 😉 hugggs


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