An Irreverent Irrelevant Itinerant Elephant

An Elephant, AnElephant, An Elephant

An Elephant, AnElephant, An Elephant

AnElephantCant ever write about Elephants
Although that may be a big fat smelly lie
There is a slight possibility
That like Ms Clinton that’s Hillary
He misspoke and he does not know why

AnElephant clearly loves Elephants
Especially those great big pink floppy ears
And the Elephant eyes
And the elegant sighs
And the fact they don’t cry Crocodile tears

But AnElephant is not a unique chappie
He is just one of the family Pachyderm
To tell you the truth
The woolly Mammoth
Is more useful if you want to knit something warm

AnElephant is not particularly keen on the piano
You may think that this is somewhat irrelevant
He reacts quite tribally
If you tickle his ivory
He considers this somewhat irreverent

He wonders why he is continually migrating
He may stop but it seems that he can’t
Wait until even the next day
Because his feet become itchy
It seems AnElephant is a compulsive itinerant

AnElephant brushes and flosses quite vehemently
To maintain his most charming and devastating smile
He is long past his youth
He is now long in the tooth
But he should be he is loxodontile

AnElephant dines primarily on peanuts
He occasionally has a croissant for fun
And sometimes a bun
But never a pun
You say come on surely he Mastodon

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7 Responses to An Irreverent Irrelevant Itinerant Elephant

  1. emmylgant says:

    I heard from a reliable source that AnElephant also dines on peaches and cheese occasionally…
    He Mastodon? Too funny or may be punny, certainly not puny…
    I know, I know, AnElephant does the funnies.
    Couldn’t help it,
    the itchy feet made me do it.


  2. There’ s nothing irrelevant about you my friend xxx


  3. colonialist says:

    Bravo! Some lovely witty lines.


  4. Anja says:

    I really enjoy your work and when I explain why….well I hope you understand. 🙂 Your writing reminds me of people like Theodor Seuss Geisel (Dr Seuss) because of the feel and your words. Some writers may not like the comparison because they see Dr Seuss as basic children’s book author but I strongly disagree. He really changed how children learn and love to read. He went beyond the “See Sally run” and brought in fun words and such imagination. He had a wonderful flow and I love his use of anapestic meter. Also you bring to mind Eric Carle (another I adore and has an amazing story to him)…..Your work is fresh and unique. Sorry if I went on rather long and really its a huge compliment. I teach children and I work hard to bring back imagination to so many and open them up to literature. Thank you for some wonderful writing. 🙂


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