Knock Knock Who’s There Amos*

Mosquitoes by Phil Burns

Mosquitoes by Phil Burns

AnElephantCant pretend he’s too keen on Mosquitoes
Although he tries hard not to be too judgemental
But when they drink his blood
He responds with a thud
He finds their approach is rather too fundamental

It irritates him when they start that buzzing
When he is almost asleep in his bed
He knows when they are near
He hears them in his ear
Which after all covers almost two thirds of his head

The question is always what to do then
Does he get up put the light on and chase them
He knows that they just
Do whatever they must
He prefers to make friends and embrace them

He feels sure they have some greater purpose
He simply has no idea what it can possibly be
Are they angels in disguise
The apple of mummy’s eyes
Or annoying little dudes who bite the back of his knee

When AnElephant checks into a hotel in Spain
There are so many he thinks he has met his doom
But a chap in the building
Sells stuff he says kills them
AnElephant thinks he gets up early and pops them into his room

So what is the point of this rambling nonsense
AnElephant is really asking both his readers what if
We all raise our hands
When we don’t understand
Is it not better if we live and let live

AnElephant and a Mosquito look rather similar
If you study them under a microscope right up close
He doesn’t have wings
But they both have these things
Called a proboscis instead of a nose

Are they secretly employed by a blood bank
And trained as sneak thieves by the roguish Bill Fagin
Or despite their few failings
Are they really aliens
Waiting to buzz off and beam up to their home planet again

*Amos who?
A mosquito!

Knock Knock
Who’s there?
Consumption who?
Consumption not be done about all these mosquitoes?

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6 Responses to Knock Knock Who’s There Amos*

  1. I splat them too and I’m a pacifist! 🙂


  2. RoSy says:

    I once read what mosquitoes were good for – but – I forgot. I’m thinking it has to play into the eco system somehow. But – why?
    SWAT! 🙂


  3. Alastair says:

    Knock knock
    Who’s there?
    Aunt who?
    Aren’t you glad the mosquitoes have gone?


  4. Kaycers says:

    I have been feeling guilty about killing bugs lately. I usually don’t mean to, but in the case of mosquitoes I sometimes feel like they got it coming! i’d like to live and let live, but why do they have to gang up on me? If I am standing with a group of people I’ll have 4 bites to their 1. Not pleasant. I hope they aren’t angels in disguise, that would mean I failed the test…

    Great post! truly delightful! ❤


  5. Sunshine says:

    ha-ahha! i do believe the “little fly” may be truly alien – wish their mother ship comes soon to pick them ALL up! 😆


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