Rum Rhymes Fun Times Wind Chimes

Wind Chimes by Des

Wind Chimes by Des

AnElephantCant control the breeze or the wind
Though he is dumb enough to try many times
But nevertheless
He is sure you can guess
That AnElephant just loves to hear tinkling wind chimes

The image at the top shows two Elephants
It is a picture present from his cool young friend Des
He thinks she is sweet
She likes to contemplate his four feet
To decide which of them she likes best

AnElephantCant tell what makes the air move so entrancingly
Is it a Phoenix or some other mythical thing
Or the fantabulous Puff
Or other pure magical stuff
Or a butterfly or a fairy’s soft samite wings

It does not really matter which way the wind blows
Though you don’t have to be a weatherman to know that
From the south or the north
In fact either or both
It is okay as long as you hold on to your hat

AnElephant finds them delightfully relaxing
So musical and yet childishly fun
Sweetly unpainful
Like the laughter of angels
And they glitter so transcendentally beautifully in the sun

Your second favourite Pachyderm is not traditionally ornamental
So this is not where he is usually to be found
His big grumbling tum
And all-encompassing bum
Typically result in a much less melodic sound

But for his cute little chum he decides to behave here
He sends this message from the bottom of his heart
She is his insane saviour
He is on his best behaviour
He finishes an entire rhyme about wind without even mentioning the word fart

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11 Responses to Rum Rhymes Fun Times Wind Chimes

  1. But couldn’t quite resist temptation! Our Grandson would just love you! He is learning to write and his first words have not been his name but fart, pee and poo! 🙂


  2. RoSy says:

    I love wind-chimes. So soothing – so relaxing.
    What a thoughtful gift to you from Des.


  3. catnipoflife says:

    catnip produces feelings of ease
    floating along with the breeze
    sometimes with it comes a sneeze
    but never a fart if you please


  4. Alastair says:

    AnElephant is a wonderful friend
    He creates a rhyme that is really the part
    For his little friend Des
    Who he says is the best no less
    And well done for not saying fart.


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