AnElephant in the Room

Chez Emmy, un papillon, Eros et la piscine, un trop petit mot

Chez Emmy, un papillon, Eros et la piscine, un trop petit mot

AnElephantCant find the words for his friend Emmy
For helping him out when his plans fall apart
He tells the whole blogging world
About this wonderful girl
Whom he thanks from the bottom of his heart

At a time when she has her own problems
Passing time inevitably takes someone she loves
She says my house is yours
Tu es bienvenu toujours
No expression of gratitude is enough

She does much more than merely provide shelter
The lady is a cordon bleu chef
AnElephant is no longer lean
With her fantastic cuisine
He eats peanuts till he runs out of breath

And then of course there is Eros
Le chien qui garde la maison
They have intellectual French talks
When they take their long evening walks
AnElephant thinks this Berger Allemand is amazing

As if all this is not quite enough
There is also a much enjoyed piscine
When the sun’s at its hottest
AnElephant’s bot is
Immersed in this pool cool and clean

Now you may think that AnElephant exaggerates
But this is what Emmy has said
Just relax here my friend
Till the high season’s end*
In paradise ten minutes walk from the Med

 But AnElephant is still peripatetic
The time has come when he has to move on
But not back to the zoo
He has a nice view
Over La Mer in a wee place of his own

 Merci, cherie, tu restes toujours dans mon coeur

*AnElephant was quoted 3,750 euros ($4,950, £3,200) for a 1 bedroom apartment for the month of August.
He politely declined.

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15 Responses to AnElephant in the Room

  1. nightlake says:

    Emmy seems a wonderful friend. An elephant is lucky that he has met so many of his blogging friends in a short span of time. Hope you find a suitable house soon


  2. RoSy says:

    That’s pretty steep. Are the door knobs made of gold?


  3. emmylgant says:

    AnElephant is a most gracious guest
    And a fantabulous ami
    He does not run when I sing out of tune
    Or plugs his ears when I’m off key
    He eats all his peanuts with a spoon
    (Quite amazing thinks Eros)
    We get by with a little help from our friends
    Laughter and affection are dividends
    for giving a little when we can
    Quand le chemin a des dos d’ane.
    Merci a toi aussi de tout mon coeur


  4. Penny L Howe says:

    Emmy is a most excellent person. Brava Emmy, for taking such fine care of a stranger far from home (well okay not really all that far, considering that Scotland is just a wee bit of a journey away). However France is another country, with different customs and exorbitant rental prices it seems. I am very glad you have found a place of your own now, but where would we be without our friends? A great post! I really enjoyed it! 🙂 xo


  5. Alastair says:

    I’m amazed that I managed to read the French without having to look it up. Including the German Shepherd. Although it was the Allemand as German that made me realise what it was.

    As for the quote … are you sure it was polite? lol. I know what I would have said


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