The Phone-Billed Platypus

Duck-Billed Platypus by Carol ina Sartor

Duck-Billed Platypus by Carol ina Sartor

AnElephantCant be sure about anything
Regarding this most bizarre of all nature’s creatures
Odder than a golf-mad giraffe
Or a heffelump who is daft
He discusses the famously incomprehensible duck-billed platypus

He knows that the plural is obviously platypuseresses
And that it only exists somewhere Down Under
It has venomous spurs on its hind legs
It’s a mammal who lays eggs
It rips all of Ma Nature’s preconceptions asunder

Its home is astonishing astounding Australia
Where every other beastie’s name begins with a ‘K’
Kookaburra Kangaroo
Koala Dodo too
Not only that but it is unfortunately quite far away

AnElephantCant help pondering the prefix ‘duck-billed’
Is there a variety of platypus that is goose- or perhaps phone-
Or a species sparrow-beaked
Or even hen-pecked
AnElephant thinks that like the Tasmanian Devil it stands all alone

He wonders if it makes a nice pet for the kiddies
Like a goldfish a hamster or a rock
A cat or a horse
A dog called Eros
Can you put springs on its webbed feet and take it for a walk

AnElephant doesn’t know if it has any natural enemies
Or if this mystical animal is omnipotent
Like the cool unicorn
Or magical Puff from the song
AnElephant knows it is not always easy to be different

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13 Responses to The Phone-Billed Platypus

  1. Belinda Crane says:

    Love it! Love the comments even more! Yes we do have some rather strange creatures Down Under. Some strange animals as well!


  2. emmylgant says:

    Emmy has never seen a real
    She thinks they’re mythical
    Perhaps like AnElephant
    More than unique or different
    An odd wonderment
    Not simple to suss
    But delightful


  3. Al says:

    I have always liked the Duck Billed Platypus
    I sometimes wonder why it doesn’t sag
    When it goes for a swim
    And then on a whim
    It was called Darwin’s Grab Bag


  4. summerstommy2 says:

    I have to comment on this one. When i lived in the bush I used to see them every morning walking to work, they are shy and often difficult to find as they live in burrows tucked in to river banks. One day we were singing the praises of the platypus to some American tourists saying we knew where to see them. Well that was the first day ever we didn’t see them. They are elusive.


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