AnElephant Bags a Baguette

AnElephant et Une Baguette by Phil Burns

UnElephant et Une Baguette by Phil Burns

AnElephantCant describe a Boulangerie*
Though you know he is jolly well going to try
But your bums can unclench
He won’t do it in French
He doesn’t even know the word for a pie

A baker’s shop here is a cornucopia
A delight for every one of the senses
AnElephant can put his thumb
Into a sweet tarte aux pommes
And bring a swift end to his dietary defences

In France they usually have an open four or  oven
So the smell is immediately transporting
AnElephant’s toes start to curl
He is in a whole different world
As though he just says okay beam me up Scottie

He is greeted with bonjour and ça va
Which kinda means Hi how are you doing
So his big flappy ears
Are full of big happy cheers
Before he gets his baguette and begins cheerfully chewing

There are zillions of delightful wee tasty thingamys
With textures and flavours of sheer bliss
Fruits fragrant and sweet
Pastry perfectly cuit
Remind AnElephant of a fairy’s first kiss

Now he knows he is going to surprise you
He has not mentioned a croissant again
Or his breakfast instead
He talks about bread
Because a boulangerie is literally a House of Pain

*Boulangerie – Baker’s shop
tarte aux pommes – apple pie
baguette – loaf
cuit – cooked
Pain – bread

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3 Responses to AnElephant Bags a Baguette

  1. RoSy says:

    A tasty poem! 🙂


  2. Al says:

    AnElephant has caused me to look across the sea
    His post has made my mouth water
    I think I should run
    After grabbing my son
    And head over to France with my daughter


  3. Anja says:

    Wrong thing to read before I have had my breakfast. Now my belly is grumbling. 🙂 Each time I see your AnElephant, I think of Picasso style art. 🙂


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