The Swing Park – Ligo Haibun Challenge

AnElephantCant go on a swing
This is quite hard for him to admit
He does still aspire
To go higher and higher
But sadly his big bum can no longer fit

This makes him want to give it a try now
Although he does have serious doubts
Getting older and bigger
He has lost his svelte figure
AnElephant guesses it’s swings and roundabouts

The Haibun Ligo Challenge is a weekly event hosted once again by the delightful Penny along with the equally delightful Nightlake and the possibly less delightful Pirate.
And AnElephant welcomes the just as delightful Ese, a newly elected official with immense powers!
Visit them for all the guidelines and background.
This week there is a choice of pictures to trigger great thoughts and great writing.
Well, that is the idea.
AnElephant chooses this one.

Copyright Pirate

Copyright Pirate

The Swing Park

He watches his son charge towards the metal stairs, his chubby little legs carrying him faster than a speeding tortoise.
The 2-year old clambers to the top of the chute.
His panting breath comes in small soft clouds in the cool evening air, causing his father to think of Puff the Magic Dragon.
As they wave to each other for the fiftieth, or one hundred and fiftieth time, he moves back to the foot of the slide.
The little bundle arrives headfirst and laughing.
Just one more shot, daddy?

Okay, just one more.
The 2-year old clambers to the top of the chute.
The ritual is repeated.
Just one more shot, okay?
The 2-year old clambers to the top of the chute.

for a child
there is always time
for one more shot

You have said that about fifty million times now!
It is getting dark and cold and your mum will be worried about us.
Just one more shot, okay?
Okay, just one more. Then we need to go, okay?
Definitely this time, okay?
We can come back tomorrow.
I promise, daddy.
The 2-year old clambers to the top of the chute.
Just one more shot, okay?

no yesterday or tomorrow
only now
life’s greatest joy

Swings by Phil Burns

Swings by Phil Burns

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18 Responses to The Swing Park – Ligo Haibun Challenge

  1. …Right out of a story book. I enjoyed this.


  2. Ese' s Voice says:

    Thank you for the delightful welcome! 🙂
    Your haibun is like beautiful music with some notes of minor shades in it. How could one say “No” to just one more shot…


  3. Ye Pirate says:

    Very nice rhythm in this haibun. The prose to haiku to prose worked wel – and the emotions from humour to nostalgia and a bit in-between too. Fine haibun that made enjoyable reading, with a tinge of sadness.


  4. Sun says:

    superb moment in a life of an energetic child – your haibun brings smiles and happiness. ☺


  5. Brenda says:

    Elephantcant go wrong, writing so lovingly of children. 🙂


  6. nightlake says:

    lovely haibun and a cute picture by Phil. The dad is swinging with the boy:)


  7. RoSy says:

    Always one more…Ok – I always give in too 🙂


  8. emmylgant says:

    Oui! Le moment, ce moment est tout ce qu’il y a. Peut être se sont les enfants qui ont la vraie sagesse et nous…nous mélangeons tout!
    Très beau et émouvant celui-ci, parce que l’on a tous vécu des moments qui auraient du être sans fin.
    Et la construction est impeccable.


  9. I like that, Elephant


  10. Al says:

    Just one more 🙂


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