Accensational Elephant

Nae Accent At A' by Phil Burns

Nae Accent At A’ by Phil Burns

AnElephantCant keep his emotions under control
His heart rate is in rapid ascent
An American chum
Who he does not think is so dumb
Accuses AnElephant of speaking with a funny accent

Both his readers know AnElephant is a beautiful speaker
Not like a pirate or a villain or a rogue
No Aarrgghh Jim Lad
Or Oi be reet bad
Your second favourite heffelump has no trace of a brogue

It is said that he sounds European
Well duh gee whiz he is not distraught
Lui dice* Mama Mia
Il dit* Ooh la la
But jings crivvens AnElephant is still a bonnie braw Scot

In his homeland there are 613 different accents
And in Englandshire there are 3 or 4 more
All over the continent
It is considered a compliment
When you say Smörgåsbord Guten Tag or Bonjour**

Some folk say AnElephant is a very fast talker
That his flow of fast words make them feel all sea sickly
He has simple advice
Just cover your eyes
Concentrate very hard and try to listen more quickly

Perhapsh AnElephant doesh not shpeak like Sean Connery
But he communicates with great ease and no shame
He thinks life is duller
If the world gets even smaller
And we all end up sounding exactly the same

* He says
** A buffet meal, good day, good day – yes, of course it is nonsense!

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23 Responses to Accensational Elephant

  1. nightlake says:

    Certainly it’d be no fun if we speak in similar accents. Such a cute elephant artwork. Convey our compliments to Phil:)


  2. Christina ~ says:

    I think…(with no rhyme because I’m a rebel like that! 😉 ) AnElephant can charm all who hear him…see him….and read his fabutastical awesomagnificent words!! hehe 😉


    • AnElephantCant stop dancing
      His little hearty bit flies up to the sky
      He is totally overwhelmified
      Not to mention satisfactoriallised
      Because beautiful Christina has dropped by



  3. RoSy says:

    Ha – My New York family tells me that I speak with a Chicago accent. I say gibberish – When in Chicago – you are the ones with the accent! 😉


  4. Al says:

    I have met AnElephant and knows the way he speaks
    So I will jump right to his defence
    Nobody I know balks
    At the way AnElephant talks
    There is nothing wrong with his accent

    But I would say that as my family is of Scottish descent and, by jingo, I understand the lingo.


  5. Andrea says:

    und ich spreche……..ESPERANDO die WELTsprache genannt…hihihi…SINCERELY ANDREA:))


  6. emmylgant says:

    Who said such a fool thing, an accent?
    Aww come on! AnElephantCant
    Speak with a wee brogue
    I suss her ears are broke.
    Cet accent inexistant
    est insaissable comme le vent.


  7. Anja says:

    AnElephant must admit, he does speak with an accent. 🙂 Please do not sound like the Pirate, oh I am sorry A pirate….that just won’t do. Would never ask you to change…but slowing down may not hurt to help those without a European….oh sorry Scottish accent…understand a bit easier.


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