Clowns to the Left Jokers to the Right

Clown by Phil Burns

Clown by Phil Burns

AnElephantCant spell Coulrophobia
It is a new-fangled Greek-based compound noun
But put down the dictionary
This is a non-fiction story
AnElephant explains that it means ‘fear of clowns’

He must say he always finds it surprising
That some folk think that clowns terrify
They don’t cost a fortune
They don’t take up much room
Because a clown is normally just a fun guy*

He is the reason that kiddies love the circus
AnElephant thinks he is the daftest thing he sees
When you think you get wet he
Throws a bucket of confetti
And his car always collapses into lots of wee pieces

Strangely songs about lovable fools are quite sad ones
Frankie sings don’t send them in they’re already here
The Kinks’ is already dead
The Everlys are Cathy’s instead
And Smokey Robinson’s is always in tears

Now a clown always wears ridiculous make-up
And the most ludicrously colourful ensemble of clothes
Like an American golfer
He is the perennial wall flower
With a huge smile and a gigantic red nose

A clown tries to bring great dollops of laughter to wee ones
He is happy to see kids giggle and smile
With a joke and a song
So why not help him along
Join in the fun and become a card-carrying fully-supportive signed-up Coulrophile

Just say you love clowns, jesters, buffoons, jokers, comedians, harlequins and fools!

* much room – fun guy – think about it!

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20 Responses to Clowns to the Left Jokers to the Right

  1. RoSy says:

    Clowns can be fun! But – I’ve seen some scary ones too. I think it’s the horror films & the Halloween season that have given them spooky fame.

    Nice poem & painting. You & Phil work well together in your presentations of poetry & art!


  2. Yikes Clowns! Don’t like clowns, dolls that open and close their eyes, and I don’t like flying monkeys either! LMAO

    But… very well written dear Brian 😉 huggs


  3. Anja says:

    I disagree 100%…clowns are creepy, strange beings that hide behind eerie runny make-up. Nope…will never like them but alas, I also do not like the circus. 🙂 I am more of an animal rights person and seek laughter by people watching then creepy clowns. Oh, I have seen children scream and cry when clowns approach….just saying.
    However…I do love your post.


  4. Al says:

    It always comes to me as a surprise
    As to why people don’t like Pennywise
    They can bring a smile from any frown
    That adorable, sweet and funny clown


  5. Great piece, I agree clowns are fun guys. There is nothing more entertaining than a clever clown, as opposed to a fool who can be both clownish and wise.


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