Elephants ‘R’ Us

Some Elephants Can by AnElephantCant

Some Elephants Can by AnElephantCant

AnElephantCant keep it a secret
Pachyderms come in many different shapes and sizes
The little dudes up above
Who you just gotta love
Look a certainty to stroll off with all the prizes

Acrobatics are not normally a strong point
For large grey or pink loxodontile creatures
Trunks and tusks are a challenge
They leave AnElephant unbalanced
But for these wee guys it seems to be second nature

This next mastodon looks like he is squashed in a box
And he does not look as if he is too comfy in there
Drawn by his sweet friend Anja
AnElephant has to warn you
He is a rock and roll hippy he is never a square

Anja's Elephant, AnElephant in Venice, Italy and Nice, France

Anja’s Elephant, AnElephant in Venice, Italy and Nice, France

And now a little chap in a bottle
AnElephant visits him in a book shop in Venice
He can write 1,000 more stories
About its magic and glories
That just depends on how helpful his erudite new friend is

In Nice he sees a cousin who can fly
To AnElephant this is somewhat bewildering
And then outside Milan
This small pink Elephant can
Quite easily fit 4 or 5 children in

Now AnElephant meets another on his travels
On the interwebthingy that gets bumpy
This li’l cutie is starring
On the blog site of Caren
She calls this delightful li’l dude Doorstop Dumpy

So it is great fun to meet up with all the family
Who say don’t forget to come back soon and visit us
He says hi to Grandpappy
To keep the old geezer happy
But AnElephant is peripatetic he is sadly not ubiquitous

AnElephant in Milan, Italy, Asolo, Italy and Caren's Doorstop Dumpy

AnElephant in Milan, Italy, Asolo, Italy and Caren’s Doorstop Dumpy

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16 Responses to Elephants ‘R’ Us

  1. emmylgant says:

    UnElephant fait toujours sourire
    Meme derriere un soupir
    Tes yeux d’enfant derriere la camera
    Mon ami, un bonheur, une joie.


  2. Adam Ickes says:

    You may be interested to know that I’ve just begun a charcoal drawing of an elephant. My daughter loves animals and I’ve already drawn a giraffe, a pig, some dogs, a gorilla, a butterfly and a rabbit. I figured it was time to add an elephant to the collection that may one day be worth upwards of zero dollars.


    • AnElephant is always interested in the many representations of his kind.
      Feel free to forward him a copy for inclusion in his next trans-global mammoth round-up!
      And it may even reduce the value to a more manageable amount.


  3. carentaylor says:

    Than You for including me in your showcase
    They all look so chubby and flappy
    In Bolton there are many elephants to see
    Here is a link, Bolton’s Elephants – Bolton.org.uk ,to show you, from me
    Such a variety all gloriously happy


  4. Al says:

    These are excellent. I think Anja’s pachyderm is brilliant.


  5. Anja says:

    Thank you for including “An Elephant for AnElephant”, as well as another thank you for inspiring the drawing. Never worry, he is quite comfy in his box and plays with some of my other favorite pieces of art. 😀


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