Family House – Alastair’s Photo Fiction

AnElephantCant rewrite Scottish history
He really is not that intelligent
But he writes a wee story
Based on a battle so gory
And he adds his own style of embellishment

This is a weekly invitation to write a short piece of fiction (c. 150 words) based on a photo prompt (below) provided by Alastair.
Follow the link to see a library of fiction.
But please read AnElephant’s historical haverings first.

Copyright Alastair Forbes

Copyright Alastair Forbes

Family House

Come in, come in, please, have a seat.
So, what do you think of the house?
Castle, yes, ha ha!
Big, isn’t it, plenty of room for that family you might have one day.
And acres of ground outside, let the little ones run free.
Yes, it needs some work, modernisation, they call it, don’t they?
New central heating, some double glazing, stuff like that.
But the price is very reasonable, don’t you think, considering the centuries of history?
And all the furnishings, the paintings and wall hangings, the books, all included.
No good to me where I am going.
Oh somewhere a good deal warmer than these windy moors, I promise you!
That is the family crest, hah, yes, lions and dragons and all sorts.
Great great something grandfather fought at Culloden, winning side, luckily!
Neat bit of treachery he did, Old German George gave him all sorts as a reward.
But family supposedly was cursed by an old witch of the MacDonald clan, if you believe that sort of thing.
Have had some bad luck, I suppose, strange deaths and a couple of suicides.
What’s that?
Oh, the chunk that is missing just above the bull’s ear?
Happened back in ’93, caused by the rope when I hanged myself!

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16 Responses to Family House – Alastair’s Photo Fiction

  1. misskzebra says:

    Curses reduce the value so much, I say buy the place, it’ll be a bargain.


  2. nightlake says:

    very spooky. It is also possible that he is just scaring away the prospective buyer for some reason


  3. Danny James says:

    I really liked your ending. I had such an ending in mine for this challenge.



  4. I ddin’t expect that little twister – great stuff! 🙂


  5. zookyworld says:

    Gotta be careful of those curses! A neat twist at the end, which I’m guessing here, no real estate agent would like to share with prospective buyers. And my hat is off to you, Dear Elephant, for rhyming intelligent with embellishment — well played!


  6. helenmidgley says:

    Wow. the ending was ace, loved it 🙂


  7. emmylgant says:

    Fantastique! Je suis bien placee pour le savoir…


  8. Al says:

    Fantastic and totally unexpected twist 🙂


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