1001 Tales from the Elephantian Nights

AnElephant and Genie with the Light Brown Hair

AnElephant and Genie with the Light Brown Hair

AnElephantCant ride a flying carpet
He is not an Arabian Knight
If he catches your eye
As he zooms through the sky
He might just give you a bit of a fright

He can’t pretend that he is like Ali Baba
Or is he the dude with all those nasty thieves
Maybe 40 or more
It is hard to keep score
He says Open Sesame and in big jars they all come to grief

He thinks Aladdin lets the genie escape from the lamp
Just by some haphazardly accidental rubbing
But instead of 3 wishes
Can he wash all the dishes
Clean the windows do some ironing and maybe a wee bit of floor scrubbing

Sinbad the Sailor is quite the adventurer
He is a guy who spends his life having shipwrecks
He gets in all sorts of scrapes
Makes amazing escapes
But perhaps all he needs is a new pair of specs

But let us return to the mat that thinks it’s an aeroplane
You may think that it is just plain ordinary magic
But unlike modern airlines
They just follow along fey-lines
Being woven round a clay that is anti-magnetic

AnElephantCant appear in these fantabulous folk tales
He accepts his mundane destiny with a smile and a shrug
But he has a secret that cheers
He knows when he flaps his big ears
AnElephant can fly without an aerodynamic rug

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23 Responses to 1001 Tales from the Elephantian Nights

  1. If I rub your big floppy ears, will it make your leg thump? 😉


  2. RoSy says:

    Fairy Tale-ish – I LIKE!


  3. Anja says:

    I just want to know does AnElephant have the ability to grant wishes?


  4. An elephant can’t not be an elephant. 😉 Your site makes me smile. I love elephants and all your drawings. 🙂 Paulette


    • AnElephantCant tell you how happy he is
      To make a new friend called Paulette
      His day is worthwhile
      If he makes her smile
      That is good as things can get

      Most of the art shown is by AnElephant’s dear old chum Phil Burns.
      Other featured artists are credited individually.
      AnElephant is very aware that he is fortunate to have so many talented and creative friends.


  5. Ankita says:

    AnElephantCan fly too! I wish he takes me on a ride, because even though an elephant is seated, there’s still space there, i see the carpet is wide!


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    And you’re back for dinner : we promise !

    Alix & Roxane


  7. AnElephant is a no Dumbo
    He knows magic is just mumbojumbo
    But when his ears he flaps
    Then everyone claps
    He looks like a 747.

    You might need a second to work that out.


  8. Al says:

    AnElephant on a magic flying carpet?
    That would be an awesome sight
    There would be three cheers
    As AnElephant flapped his ears
    To steer himself whilst in flight


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