Electric Bagpipes – Friday Fictioneers

AnElephantCant play anything musical
He never did earn his symphonic stripes
But he is a Scot
So he remembers what he is taught
And gives you a wee tune on the Electric Bagpipes

Once again it is Friday Fictioneer time.
Managed by the musical maestro Rochelle, this is an orchestra of writers from around the globe, a great philharmony of original thought and writing.
And AToneDeafElephant.
The idea is to write a very short story, circa 100 words, based on this picture prompt (below).
That’s it.

Copyright – Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Copyright – Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Electric Bagpipes

Yes, boss.
No, boss.
Three bags full, boss.
Jings, he is grumpier than ever today.
I have really had it with him and his wretched electric bagpipes.
And that ghastly foreign song, Plaisir d’Amour!
Pleasure of love?
Aye, right.
I’ll give him plaisir, but it won’t be amour, I promise you.
What is it with these people anyway?
Flipping smooth French guys, think they invented love.
Aye, okay, it is nearly ready, boss.
But, I tell you this, when he gets to the chorus and his favourite G7 chord, I plan to be well out of range of the blast!

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56 Responses to Electric Bagpipes – Friday Fictioneers

  1. rgayer55 says:

    Love the creativeness of devising a way to rid one’s self of an overbearing boss through music. It’s like saying, “Ah, go blow yourself up.”


  2. Wot? No amour? Electric bagpipes! Jings, I need to rest.


  3. vbholmes says:

    Sounds like a little revenge has been programmed into the G7 chord. Having several American friends of Scottish descent, I associate bagpipes with weddings and funerals–prefer the former.


  4. kz says:

    explosive tale ^^ “I’ll give him plaisir, but it won’t be amour” made me chuckle ^^


  5. Electric or not if it’s bagpipes it’s bad.


    • Consider yourself barred from the zoo, Bjorn.
      AnElephant happily accepts any sort of personal criticism, but when you attack the music from the soul of his country and his culture he has no option but to show you the red card!
      Oh, thanks for visiting!


  6. Hi Elephant,
    Great internal rant here. I love rants. This one covers a lot of targets, bagpipe music, the French, overbearing bosses, and the ending, explosive. Though I think it should be an F major! Ron


  7. annisik51 says:

    I hope for your sake there are no French writers with Friday Fictioneers! A disgruntled and jealous employee. He’s not called Uriah, is he? I like ‘Jings’. Haven’t heard that word since I last read ‘Oor Wullie’. Now I love the bagpipes, but I can’t imagine electric ones. And being Northumbrian, I prefer the Northumbrian pipes, of course. Much more delicate. 🙂


  8. Eena says:

    I happen to like the G7 chord. I’ll stick around for more of your tunes 😉


  9. Dear Elephant,

    Electric bagpipes? Seems the sound carries well enough without any boost. Personally I like bagpipes. Nice one. Spot on dialogue (from my limited American perspective of Scottish brogues 😉 )




  10. dmmacilroy says:

    Dear AEC,

    Bagpipes have that effect on many people. Nicely rendered.




  11. Funny story and delivered so well. I have to say, though, I heard a Frenchman play bagpipes in Brittany a few months ago, and that haunting melody grabbed hold of my soul and stayed with me for days. French? Scot? Let’s just say Celt! 😉


    • The bagpipes are a source of magic, misunderstood by many, especially the Sassenach.
      And yes, the melodies are often haunting, bewitching, soulful reminders of ancient Celtic roots.
      AnElephant just ignores the naysayers!


  12. mike olley says:

    Great rhythm to this. And G7 is such a pleasing chord…


  13. emmylgant says:

    This story is a blast!


  14. Glynis says:

    Good funny story.


  15. Clever dialogue and a fun story. What is it about Frenchmen, indeed? But give me a Scottish brogue and I melt. Very clever and entertaining, especially from AnElephant.


  16. And G7 is such a pleasant chord. Good piece sir elephant.


  17. claireful says:

    Loved this. I can really hear the grumbles in his head and under his breath – his one-sided conversation.


  18. Sandra says:

    I feel the same way about bagpipes… well done.


  19. I can hardly even imagine electric bagpipes! 🙂



  20. Al says:

    Haha that is fantastic.


  21. Anja says:

    Wait…it was the Scottish men that invented love?


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