Hey, You, Giraffe My Cloud

Janine the Giraffe by Phil Burns

Janine the Giraffe by Phil Burns

AnElephantCant begin to describe it
One of Ma Nature’s strangest and most beautiful creations
As tall as a house
As quiet as a mouse
AnElephant has no rational explanation

She is possibly AnElephant’s favourite animal
Her height helps her to stand out from the crowd
She is a sweet gentle beast
Who dines on tender leaves for a feast
And when she wants water she can drink from a cloud

A giraffe has a magnificence all of her own
She is at the same time ungainly and elegant
She looks delicate and yet
There is no need to fret
She is as strong and robust as AnElephant

Her coat is kinda mottled and dappled
In a wonderful natural camouflage
Long legs down to her feet
This dude is genuinely fleet
Make sure you get out of her way if she goes on a charge

She is also called a Camelopard
A cross between a grumpy camel and a lethal leaping leopard
But she does not have a hump
He doesn’t think she can jump
Although the spots over her rump are well peppered

She has hooves so of course she’s an ungulate
The funny wee horns on her head look quite outdated
A long tail to swat flies
Huge saucer-like eyes
And her neck is a-s-t-o-n-i-s-h-i-n-g-l-y   e-l-o-n-g-a-t-e-d

Janine the Giraffe by Phil Burns

Janine the Giraffe by Phil Burns

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3 Responses to Hey, You, Giraffe My Cloud

  1. emmylgant says:

    Most definitely elegantly elongated
    Lovely legs and long eyelashes
    Gentle beauty none affected
    She can reach the 99th floor
    Without a stone or ladder
    and seldom crashes


  2. Anja says:

    🙂 I enjoyed learning about Janine….the giraffe.


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