Raindrops on Noses and Blisters on Kittens

Rain in Partick by Phil Burns

Rain in Partick by Phil Burns

AnElephantCant melt in a downpour
He has the hide of a loxodontile Scot
His old body is kissed
By a century of Scotch Mist
He is many things but dry he is not

Well that is except for his humour
A characteristic of rugged northern folks
They don’t do belly laughs
They are more subtle by half
There is a gentle jagged edge to their jokes

They say that Inuits have more than 50 words for snow
In Scotland we have 1,311 to describe rain
But now he is living in heaven
AnElephant only remembers about 7
The rest have floated out of his waterlogged brain

This prompts ACuriousElephant to ask a quick question
Just what in the name of the wee man is this oft-mentioned waterlog
He is legendarily dense
But this makes no more sense
Than to say that it rains pussy cats and bow wow dogs

Rain makes woollen clothes and blazers smell all funny
And even shaggy doggies are suddenly less cuddly
So AnElephant goes to the park
Has a frolic and a lark
Because everything is soggy and muddy and puddly

Even in his homeland the deluge ceases sometimes
Galoshes are discarded umbrellas and raincoats are no go
Every cloud has a golden lining
So when the sun starts reshining
It creates Nature’s most marvellous miracle the magical rainbow

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9 Responses to Raindrops on Noses and Blisters on Kittens

  1. “In Scotland we have 1,311 to describe rain”

    Now my dear Brian…. I’d love to see a poem with 1,311 words to describe rain (grins) huggggs


  2. I felt the need to put my very dry rain coat on sir elephant, though we did have a shower of rain yesterday. And yes you can’t beat the magic rainbow can you. Lovely piece sir.


  3. Al says:

    Raining cats and dogs is because someone said the words wrong from the old Nissan company. It’s raining Datsun cogs.


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