A Wonderful Blunder Down Under

Advance Australia Fair by Phil Burns

Advance Australia Fair by Phil Burns

AnElephantCant poke fun at Australians
Although some of them clearly lack any common sense
Like SummersTommy2
You ask SummersTommy who
This great blogger is one of AnElephant’s best antipodean friends

AnElephant occasionally visits Down Under
His magnificent number one son lives over there
A quite superb young dude
Intelligent and good
Takes after his mum and is cuter and less grumpy than a Koala Bear

They get more sunshine on an average afternoon in November
Than Scotland gets in a decade and a half
So it is no surprise
They are nice cheery guys
Who like stunningly dangerous sports and a jolly good laugh

Their favourite game is barely legalised mayhem
Which performs under the guise of Aussie No Rules
This activity amazes
All participants are crazy
It is less safe than carrying a banana and fighting with raging bulls

Aussies also play rugby and cricket
Though currently they are rubbish at each
They are very fast swimmers
Because they have no desire to be dinner
For the Great White Sharks loitering just off the beach

They sing a strange refrain called Waltzing Matilda
About a swagman a jumbuck and a billabong
AnElephant hasn’t a clue
Who they are or what they do
But he sings along to this catchy wee song

They have crocodiles snakes and funnel-web spiders
Although obviously not all in the same place
To dispel the blues
They play didgeridoos
Every cobber wears a corked hat and smile on his face

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13 Responses to A Wonderful Blunder Down Under

  1. It seems they are not such rubbish at cricket. Losing 5 wickets to Broad just stirred them up! Come on you Brits!
    On another note, I’ve always wanted to visit Australia but the long flight now puts me off. I’d rather drive to France! 🙂


  2. Al says:

    I was going to write a rhyme, but I could not think of the words.


  3. Come on Aussie Come on Come on…. this was a gorgeous – come on down – we love elephants 🙂


  4. Thank you i am very humbled. We did rally today in the cricket, we may have been rubbish at one stage but a late rally has us in the game, at least at the end of day one.
    We are a weird mob there is no doubt we play odd games to packed houses, we have all sorts of stinging and biting things that can kill you, we have sunshine that if you are not careful may also kill you but we are a people who despite our odd ways, and very odd accent, will welcome you and love you and show you around, before packing you off to where you’ve come from.


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