Indigenous Pigeon Is Twitching Us

A Feathered Flirtation by AnElephantCant

A Feathered Flirtation by AnElephantCant

AnElephantCant find any escape route
Wherever his gaze turns he finds these creatures infringing
They seem to be everywhere
On the ground in the air
AnElephant is surrounded by the ubiquitous pigeon

They sit basking in sunshine on his terrasse
They huddle there in peaceful passels on the odd day it is raining
He is quite easy going
Not greatly given to moaning
But when they do the toilet on his table cloth he can’t help complaining

They are placid and harmless wee birdies
No more trouble than a calm cuckoo in a tranquil ticking clock
But if instead of a soft gentle coo coo
They continue to poo poo
Then he hires an energetic eagle or a savage scary sparrow hawk

AnElephant loves all Ma Nature’s children
Whether subtly scaly or fiercely furry or finely feathered
But when a peace loving dove
Emits his lunch from above
He recognises the approach of some sudden squalls of stormy weather

Pigeons come in a variety of flabbergasting flavours
They can be Carriers of good or bad omens
There is no point in chasing
Those bred to go Racing
Or to go far away to seek out those who are Homing

Eventually AnElephant arrives at the daring denouement of this diatribe
He brings an end to this dramatic depiction of pigeons
Just last Sunday morning
When the day is still dawning
His pal good ol’ Al uses them again for his Photo Fiction

Copyright Al Forbes

Copyright Al Forbes

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8 Responses to Indigenous Pigeon Is Twitching Us

  1. Pigeon Pie mayhaps?


  2. Al says:

    Haha I love that 🙂

    There is apparently a way to stop them
    That you can make them go elsewhere for their squits
    Something I have heard
    If you feed a bird
    They will go elsewhere to relieve themselves of their … bits

    I have heard (not sure if it is true) that a pigeon will not show his lunch over somewhere it eats. So if you feed them, they will squit elsewhere. Or so I have heard.


  3. Anja says:

    Ha perfect timing. I just told Al we all might have to do a pigeon intervention with him. Especially if he uses another photo of them.


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