Aardvark a Million Miles for One of your Smiles

Image Used by Kind Permission of Chuck Brown

Image Used by Kind Permission of Chuck Brown

AnElephantCant produce rhymes on demand
He usually writes haphazardly randomly unorthodoxly
But he makes an exception
Because the person requesting
Is one of his favourite folk and most talented poets on the whole interweblogosphere thingy his sweet friend Roxi

But she sets him a championship challenge
It promises to be heffelumply hard work
She wants him to feature
That oddly bizarre creature
The amazing alphabetically-advanced astonishing Aardvark

Who has a wee tail four legs and a long nose
The tail at the back and the big hooter at the front
Please do not discombobulate
He is just another ungulate
A delightful but distinctly distant cousin of AnElephant

He has an ample album of alliterative aliases
Such as Ant-eater Ant-bear and Ground-pig
And also Ground-hog
But not Ground-toad or Ground-frog
Cos he’s a mammal with clawed feet that help him to dig

He is not the fastest of all Ma Nature’s children
The only time he comes first is in the dictionary
He is more like a pillow
Than a scaly Armadillo
AnElephant is uncertain if he tells this factually or fictionally

There is no more to be said about the Aardvark
He is small and squat and perhaps just a teensy bit boxy
He is not smart or elegant
Like your second-favourite Elephant
But he is lucky enough to be a favourite of Rock ‘n’ Roll Roxi

For reasons beyond his understanding, AnElephantCant link to Roxi’s blog. Please visit at http://roxistclair.com – you will not regret it. Thank you.

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15 Responses to Aardvark a Million Miles for One of your Smiles

  1. emmylgant says:

    Very animated aliterative awesomeness
    displayed for a description of aardvark!
    That’s not a walk in the park
    for most bards… but not His Hugeness!
    Indeed, Sir STommy2, AnElephantCan rhyme
    About anything anytime.


  2. Very good Sir Elephant, you have done well. Is there a topic on which you cannot write?
    As I read this I though Anelephant is young enough I am sure to remember the story of Anthony Aardvark goes Quantity Surveying?


  3. Al says:

    That is just awesomely awesome.


  4. There is no making an exception
    an Elephant with a misconception
    that Roxi likes Aardvarks the best
    when hands down above all the rest
    it’s a Pachyderm winning the prize
    with floppy ears and soulful eyes
    who has a heart that’s made of gold
    forever his friendship I will hold.

    Love Love Love This!!! I can’t believe you wrote this LOLOL…… thank you my friend! You’ve outdone yourself as always and it was a nice way to start the day by reading this 🙂 HUGGS xxx


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