Into Italy Intermittently

The Lion of Venice in Asolo, 2 Views of Venice

The Lion of Venice in Asolo, 2 Views of Venice

AnElephantCant ever stop travelling
So he spends a short time in idyllic Italy
He only speaks 3 or 4 words
None of them useful nouns or verbs
No one minds they still treat him humongousorially hospitably

He visits friends in the San Martino Hills
With the Alps to the north and views southwards down to Venice
In nearby Val dee Fee
The fickle fairies stay
In rugged highlands where a mythical mystical glen is

The legends recount there are three kinds of fairies
Those who work and those who dance and bring joy
But then somewhat sadly
There are those who behave badly
Their job description says seek out and destroy

Asolo is a medieval walled village
Built on the site of 2,000 year old Roman baths
Your second favourite long-nosed creature
Discovers he loves piles of pasta and plates of pizza
His time here is a bundle of well-fed laughs

They spend one day in the magical city
Of canals and piazzas and bridges
Architecturally amazing
Built back in the days when
The winged Lion of Venice has the power to generate immeasurable riches

But it is not St Marks or the Rialto that impresses
Not the Bridge of Sighs the Doges Palace or great steeples
The food is a treat
And boy AnElephant can eat
But what he loves most about Italy is the people

Except when they get in their cars and drive on the Autostrada.
Mama Mia, they are crazy!!!!!

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6 Responses to Into Italy Intermittently

  1. willow says:

    Another winner from AnElephantCant! ( Who clearly can! )
    Please be careful on that boat. After all that pasta, you might just sink it!!!!


  2. RoSy says:

    LOL on your exception at the end of your post.


  3. Oh, ye, I love Italy too, and the people I’ve met there are wonderful. 🙂


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