Porridge Portage Causes Sausage Shortage

Sausages du Monde by Caroli na Sartor

Sausages du Monde by Carol ina Sartor

AnElephantCant stop munching shellfuls of delightfully delectable peanuts
But in wintertime he also devours delicious hot dishes
Those you find in a skin
They may be fat or thin
AnElephant confesses his great love for all sorts of sausages

Now sausages like people have many nationalities
No point in starting an argument here for it is so
If it’s flavour you’re seeking
Or something quite piquant
Then the tastiest target is the Iberian Chorizo

In France AnElephant prefers local produce
His favourite by far is the marvellous Merguez
He can scoff 3 or 4
But never much more
Or they keep popping back for another wee chat for several days

He also chomps chips – that’s French fries – and Chipolatas
In Deutschland he chews cabbage and Frankfurters
When he goes to stay
In the US of A
He of course has a whole host of hamburgers

Now sausages can be casseroled with veggies and gravy
Or grilled gradually with eye-watering onions
They are admirably ambitious
In soggy sandwiches
AnElephant eats them in casually carefree abundance

Now in Englandshire they have gigantically long Cumberlands
In Scotland we swallow sausage meat square and in slices
Usually with baked beans
Perhaps not haute cuisine
But this tartan delicacy evokes childhood memories so it is by far the nicest

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12 Responses to Porridge Portage Causes Sausage Shortage

  1. utesmile says:

    Love sausages, ate lots yesterday! yummy


  2. emmylgant says:

    Sauciiiiisses! Tu connais les saucisses de Toulouse?
    Miam ( that’s yum in French)


  3. Now I’m hungry! 😉


  4. Anja says:

    hmmm sausages are quite popular in this house especially when we travel to Germany. While there my two teens load up on pomme frites as well.
    I have to laugh because we hardly eat hamburgers and we live in the US of A.
    Now I am hungry…..and once more you are welcome for my comment and visit.


  5. Al says:

    Yummy sausages 🙂


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