No Good Reason For Pantomime Season

Completely Unrelated to the Post - See Below*

Completely Unrelated to the Post – See Below*

AnElephantCant decide how to blog through the year end festivities
So here’s an idea he proposes sweetly and discreetly
He simply suggests
That you send in requests
Which he can consider and then casually ignore completely

In Great Britain there is a five thousand year old tradition
That Yuletide is the pantomime season
AnElephant can write some
If you find them delightsome
Please don’t tell Walt Disney there is little rhyme and even less reason

He plans to start with the Three Little Piggies
Mainly because he is vegetarian but loves sausages and bacon
He cannot make it much clearer
Big Bad Wolf is his hero
Who sadly got over-involved in this porcine undertaking

Then he raises searching questions about the reckless Humpty Dumpty
Why climb that high wall when he can hardly be fatter
It is no great surprise
To the King’s gee-gees and guys
When they discover him on the ground looking kinda shattered and splattered

He follows up with bold Jack and the Beans Talk
Although he never hears a bean do any such thing
Can they really chatter
Does it even matter
Although AnElephant thinks it is cool if a vegetable can learn how to sing

He may of course be utterly incapable of creating these rhymes
In which case during December he probably does nothing at all
If Jack and the Giant
And the Wee Piggies are compliant
He just sits and watches ol’ Humpers skip Winter and Spring back into Fall

*In the absence of his normal high degree of forward planning, AnElephant has no appropriate image for Pantomime season.
So instead he gives both his readers a glimpse behind the scenes at AnElephantCant Inc World Headquarters where the entire staff is hard at work endeavouring strenuously to provide the admittedly fairly low level of entertainment of which he is so proud.

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4 Responses to No Good Reason For Pantomime Season

  1. emmylgant says:

    Emmy is ashamed she didn’t say a thing
    about this proposed wonderous endeavor
    Creating havoc in nursery rhyming…
    what could be funner?


  2. Al says:

    I think that The Old Woman Who Lives In The Shoe should get the boot, and finds the Golden Egg on a Crooked Style at the end of a Crooked Mile, only to find that Little Red Riding Hood has wolfed down the innards


  3. Anja says:

    You can write twisted version of fairy tales…who knows. Jack and the Bean Stalk is a favorite in my classroom but probably because we all act a fool when reading it.


  4. I say low level entertainment at this time of year is a requirement. Well put Sir Elephant.
    I suggest a panto on Old Mother Hubbard, in which she discovers a lost lotto ticket which enables her to travel to Australia to watch the poms cop a hiding in the cricket. Good idea??


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