3 Little Piggies – Panto the First

The 3 Little Pigs in Foreign, okay?

The 3 Little Pigs in Foreign, okay?

AnElephantCant resist making this a mammoth production
Although he can’t do a whole porcine pantomime
Just a wee fun-filled gig
About the Three Little Pigs
But at least he does six verses in admittedly atrociously awful rhyme

Little Piggy One knits his house out of some string and soft straw
AnElephant understands both his readers’ deep frown
He has very little sense
And even less defence
Big Bad Wolf decides to huff and puff and blow this half-hearted house down

The Second Little Piggy constructs his abode out of small sorrowful sticks
Yep little wooden things that are fragile sticky and brown
AnElephant hears the sighs
It is no great surprise
When Big Bad Wolf decides to huff and puff and blow this hypothetical house down

Little Piggy the Third builds his fortress with big broad brave bricks
Invites Piggies One and Two to come stay with him in his town
He has no concerns
When Big Bad Wolf returns
He huffs and puffs but cannot blow this bold building down

The Three Little Piggies stay together in this securely strong safe house
Sheltered from wind and Big Bad Wolf and even Scottish winter rain
They live happily ever after
For years full of laughter
Big Bad Wolf goes away and is never seen or heard of again

But AnElephant asks a serious question
Do you think perhaps Big Bad Wolf is just not all that terribly bright
Is he as bad as he is painted
Is his image somewhat tainted
Or else why did he not simply blow the house up with a couple of dauds of dynamite

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14 Responses to 3 Little Piggies – Panto the First

  1. emmylgant says:

    UnElephant a raison
    Le loup est a bout de souffle
    et au bout de son imagination
    Il arrive en pantouffle
    et veut des saucisses;
    De solutions, il n’y en a pas trente-six,
    Un petit baton de dynamite
    et voila! du bacon sans limites.


  2. Indira says:

    You tickled the child in me.Sweet, and yes, thought provoking . Wolves are not cunning, perhaps foxes are.


  3. Al says:

    HAHA So much better to blow the house up than blowing them up. You would definitely hear the pork crackling 😉


  4. Anja says:

    Why hasn’t anyone considered that maybe…just maybe…the wolf was lonely and wanted to play? He may suffer from social behavioral problems and is misunderstood. The presumptuous pigs (who you pointed out how lazy and depressing the first two can be) just didn’t want to have tea with the hairy beast. My heart goes to the poor Wolf instead of the two pigs that just want to freeload off their eldest brother.


    • What makes you think he is the eldest brother?
      Middle brothers can be good people too, you know!
      Don’t you start here, woman, decrying all brothers that are not the eldest.
      You are clearly a brotherist, or suffer from eldestism.
      Pah, says AnElephant, and thrice Pah!


      • Anja says:

        Woah….think I hit on middle brother syndrome here. hahaha Um…I am the baby of the family so I don’t think I suffer fro eldestism and not sure what a brotherist is…I am a sister.
        I will step back while you work through your own sibling issues…….Hah


  5. Adrian B says:

    Dear Elephant I love your funny post. but this is a story for small children whit no knowledge about explosive powder. More like a Disney story. They will have time later to accommodate with guns and more…..


    • AnElephantCant decide if your comment is serious or trunk-in-cheek.
      So he points out that in the original tale 66.66% of the little piggies get eaten and BBW gets boiled alive and also eaten.
      He also mentions that very few small children read his blog, unless you count his Aussie friend Sir ST2 below.
      Or, to put it another way, ppphhhhhrrruuuuuuurrrrrppppppppppppppp!!!!


  6. The Big Bad Wolf’s lack of intelligence has always bothered me Sir Elephant. He shows little resourcefulness, not a lot of resilience and you’d think he’d have had enough pork by the time he reached the third pigs brick fortress. He has obviously failed to notice Mary’s farm across the way with her sheep with the waggy tails.


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