Humpty Dumpty – Panto Deux

Humpty Dumpty with apologies to Phil Burns

Humpty Dumpty with apologies to Phil Burns

AnElephantCant hide his astonishment
Poor old Humpty D is scrambled at the base of the wall
But he has a quick question
Is there some kind of transgression
Is this the result of a push or a jump or a fall

There is an ongoing incident enquiry
To establish the fictional facts of this messy matter
Is there a heinous crime
Well apart from this rhyme
That causes unlucky HD to go ker-runch and ker-splatter

Who is in charge of this important investigation
Which needs to be underway two days before tomorrow
AnElephant wants Sherlock
Because this isn’t a yolk
But it more likely to be the Belgian Waffler Hercule Poirot

AnElephant also has serious concerns
About the response from the emergency services
King’s horses and men
The clueless cavalry again
He is filled with nerve-numbing negligent nervousness

How adept is a galloping horsey at repairing an egg
Just how dexterous is the average shod hoof
Can a wave of his tail
Reunite a smashed shell
AnElephant thinks we deserve to know the whole truth

And now what’s to become of drastically damaged Miss Dumpty
She is always a friendly but fragile old dear
AnElephant sighs
She can end up with French fries
Added to toasted cheese to make a cute Croque Madame from a miserable Monsieur

With thanks, apologies and roast chestnuts to the brilliant Brothers Grinn, but they are not getting AnElephant’s peanuts!

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3 Responses to Humpty Dumpty – Panto Deux

  1. Anja says:

    Oh AnElephant….what can I say…a lot as you well know that but I will refrain. 🙂
    Okay, who are we kidding? This had be laughing so hard and just yesterday I was reading Jack and the Beanstalk to my students and thought about you.
    Anyway, I am suppose to be making some eggs to eat now and like I said to the Brothers Grinn…have a bit of guilt with that.


  2. Dear Sir Elephant, oh no not scrambled eggs again, sang the irreverent kids at the Humpty Dumpty story. Now yours Sir is the tale of a searching inquiry into how such a disaster could have occurred. Very entertaining indeed.


  3. Eric Alagan says:

    “Hello Mr Elephant.”
    “Thank you for placing our link on your blog post.”
    “Do you want any of elephant’s peanuts, Brother Grinn?”
    “No, Brother Grinn, not the peanuts.”
    “Could elephants be related to monkeys, Brother Grinn?”
    “Good question, Brother Grinn. I know you are.”
    🙂 🙂 🙂


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